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JUSTIN JUSTIN · January 19, 2021
Oh we heading back in for more shares tomorrow sonnnn
Upvote: 11 · Downvote: 1 · Replies: 1
Juiceman Juiceman · January 19, 2021
just saw 12 Tesla chargers pop up at my grocery store parking lot. Going to 1k and beyond
Upvote: 9 · Downvote: 2 · Replies: 1
Benjo Benjo · January 19, 2021
The run is going to start again. 900, and 1170 is my new target.
Upvote: 23 · Downvote: 4 · Replies: 0
kol kol · January 19, 2021
tesla Frankfurt and Nasdaq green
Upvote: 8 · Downvote: 0 · Replies: 0
MNJ MNJ · January 19, 2021
Model Y deliveries in China have officially begun!
Upvote: 17 · Downvote: 2 · Replies: 2
Buck Buck · January 19, 2021
I see many of the same people here who have continuously sworn that TSLA was about to crash one, two, three or even four or more years ago just as it's done the exact opposite.Why should they be trusted if they've never been right before?
Upvote: 8 · Downvote: 1 · Replies: 3
Joe Joe · January 19, 2021
FORD CTO, of all people, helping to boost EV market saying, once you try EV, you won't go back to ICE.
Upvote: 6 · Downvote: 1 · Replies: 0
Peter Peter · January 19, 2021
Elon is going to take now profits through his subsidiaries...Then panic selling from other investors...Lot of fun tomorrow 👏😁
Upvote: 8 · Downvote: 4 · Replies: 2
Kristi Kristi · January 19, 2021
Not much upside and 80-90% chance that top hit at 880$. IBD advised that 6/7 indicators showed that Tesla is reaching a climax run. After a climax run, comes a BIG pullback.P/E ratio- all time highP/S ratio- all time highRSI- off by one point from 2013 all time highTesla expected to make 31B in revenue but has a 800B market cap!! If anyone can find any other stock that has ever done this in the history of stocks (tech, auto, whatever) please give me the name. Apple disrupted the cell phone market when they developed the first touch screen iPhone (35B in revenue at the time - 175B market cap), Amazon disrupting brick and mortar business (amongst all other things)(had a 3600 p/e at one point but were making 55-60B in revenue and had a ~150B market cap), Google- I’m sure you’ve heard of them (highest p/e they ever had was around mid 50s), Netflix disrupting streaming business (traded at a about 450 P/E at their highest, while making close to 4B in revenue and had a 45B market cap- highest PS ratio of about 12). So just compare Tesla to any other major tech company and you’ll see the insane overvaluation here (even though as it stands Tesla makes most of their money from selling cars!). Up close to 900% since March. People need to get a close look and see that numbers like that can only be compared to .com bubble. Welcome to the EV bubble. You have companies like NKLA with no revenue valued close to 10B. There’s a new EV company every other day and competition is EVERYWHERE. Tesla could sit at this price for the next 3-5 (or more) years and still be grossly overvalued.Reality is Tesla is expected to make 31B this year, 45B next year and 65B in 2023. With this growth, fair value they should be around 300-400B market cap and that’s still being very generous. Don’t worry, there was plenty of blind FOMO buyers in the .com bubble as well. They would speak the same language as the pumpers here. Keep in mind that it took investors 10-15 years to make their money back (and that’s if they invested in amazon). Looks like history will repeat itself. This coming earnings report should do the job! Y’all better hope they smash expectations by at least 100%! Since they barely met 2020 delivery expectations, I expect a modest beat at best, then let the massive selling begin (sell the news)!Leaving off with this. On 12/3 Musk stated to his employees that Tesla needs “to cut costs or the firm's stock price could be “crushed like a soufflé under a sledgehammer.” - that was around 550$ SP. Well we’re now ~55% higher and I am sure Tesla didn’t magically make any drastic changes to their cost cutting within a month. Should be a big warning sign ⚠️
Upvote: 36 · Downvote: 60 · Replies: 0
Juiceman Juiceman · January 19, 2021
Wish I bought Friday. This will be up 2-3% pre market
Upvote: 12 · Downvote: 0 · Replies: 0
evra evra · January 19, 2021
If you have a significant amount of money invested in TSLA, I highly recommend that you take 30 minutes to read the risk factors section of their 10-K filling: https://www.sec.gov/ix?doc=/Archives/edgar/data/1318605/000156459020004475/tsla-10k_20191231.htm#ITEM_1A_RISK_FACTORSI don't know what the future hold TSLA's stock price but some of you shareholders are acting as if TSLA is a sure thing. When in reality the people who run the business are telling you that a WHOLE lot can go wrong.
Upvote: 5 · Downvote: 2 · Replies: 0
Mark Mark · January 19, 2021
GM has $118 Billion in debt. How many cars do they have to sell to pay that debt ? no wonder they stopped paying dividends. Company is out of free cash flow
Upvote: 7 · Downvote: 3 · Replies: 2
tim tim · January 19, 2021
We will close at 850$ tomorrow 🧨💥🚀🌎 follow my YouTube channel to talk about some stocks, “stock tickers with Timmy
Upvote: 6 · Downvote: 1 · Replies: 0
earfool earfool · January 19, 2021
Tesla 4th Quarter and 2020 financials coming soon... as well as 2021 projections..
Upvote: 11 · Downvote: 3 · Replies: 0
parth parth · January 19, 2021
From Seeking Alpha!Summary • Despite having less than 1% of global auto market share, Tesla's market cap is now greater than that of all non-Chinese automakers, combined. • Tesla is clearly priced for massive growth, yet half of its current products are aging and its development pipeline is sparse. • The Tesla Semi, new Roadster, and Cybertruck have all been unveiled; they are already facing significant competition from other automakers. • Even if Tesla's most ambitious assumptions were to play out as planned, it would not be enough to justify the current valuation. • Tesla is already seeing declining market share in the most mature EV markets; as this trend continues in 2021, the growth narrative will likely come under pressure.At present, Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) has just four electric vehicle models in active production: the Model S, the Model X, the Model 3, and the Model Y. The Model S and Model X, while extremely innovative at the time of their introduction, are now aging platforms in decline, leaving the Model 3 and Model Y to carry ever more of the load. While both have proven popular, their addressable market is finite, as evidenced by Tesla’s having had to resort repeatedly to price cuts to keep demand from ebbing throughout 2020, even in the supposedly near-limitless Chinese market.CEO Elon Musk has stated that Tesla aims to produce 20 million vehicles per year by 2030, far beyond the wildest peak annual demand projections for the Model 3 and Model Y, combined. To achieve its goal, Tesla will have to bring a host of new offerings to market over the course of the next decade. Yet the company has struggled of late to expand its product development pipeline. As I discussed in a recent article, the Tesla Semi, which has yet to enter production more than three years after it was unveiled, is one clear example of this issue.
Upvote: 32 · Downvote: 62 · Replies: 0
Oscar Oscar · January 19, 2021
Tomorrow 72% chance of a big squeeze based on technical analysis. I feel so sorry for all of those baggie short holders.
Upvote: 9 · Downvote: 2 · Replies: 0
Dissident Dissident · January 19, 2021
Alaska’s Department of Revenue, which collects and invests public funds, dramatically raised its stake in Tesla (ticker: TSLA) stock, and reduced investments in Intel (INTC), Gilead Sciences (GILD), and Qualcomm (QCOM) shares in the fourth quarter.Source: Barron's
Upvote: 15 · Downvote: 2 · Replies: 7
stefan stefan · January 19, 2021
Disaster in Europe and Germany market.....Tesla ended 2020 with 96,000 units sold in Europe, among which are all three vehicles it sells there: Model S, Model X, and Model 3. Supposing the Model Y could sell as well as all those three vehicles combined, that would give Giga Berlin a volume of 100,000 units in the best-case scenario.More Articles About Tesla In Europe:was tesla disrupted traditional carmakers europe Was Tesla Disrupted By Traditional Carmakers Selling EVs In Europe?⠀tesla voltage capping panasonic battery packs Tesla Is Voltage Capping Panasonic Battery Packs To Match LG'sFor a factory that plans to produce 500,000 units a year, the Model Y may not be the adequate choice to get started. It could also make the Model 3 there to have a larger local production, but only the original car Tesla promised for the European market may make Giga Berlin reach the production volumes it aims to have. These Are The Signs That Show Why Giga Berlin Should Be WorriedElon Musk already said that Tesla probably needs a hatchback or a smaller SUV than the Model Y for the European market. With the performance numbers it presented there in 2020 – despite all the subsidies and in a much larger market than the US for electric cars – it will probably need it from the very beginning.
Upvote: 7 · Downvote: 11 · Replies: 0
McWhippins McWhippins · January 19, 2021
Tesla in India!
Upvote: 8 · Downvote: 2 · Replies: 3
James James · January 19, 2021
why would anyone short tsla
Upvote: 1 · Downvote: 6 · Replies: 0
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