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joe joe · October 30, 2020
TESLA on track to produce 1,000,000 vehicles for 2021------100% growth in one years.
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Froggy Froggy · October 30, 2020
$tsla, $aapl. $msft, $goog, $fb....$vz...$amzn
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supportstock supportstock · October 30, 2020
True Trading Group has a professional video library which educates you on how to do stock trading. Further, it has a premium blog and up-to-date stock profiling. TTG also equips you with a trading guideline to ensure that you become consistent and profitable while trading. They also have a 7-day trial https://daytradingsquad.team/fdqz9
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Froggy Froggy · October 30, 2020
$nio, $pltr, $msft, $nkla, $vz, $snow, $jnjmarket cras Jesus God almight sweet Jesus help this US market so that we do not tank!!!!PLease...it is market sell off
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let's make money!! let's make money!! · October 30, 2020
OMG tesla below $400?? Can not be...never...no...Lord God Jesus..please help us..$nio, $pltr, $msft, $nkla, $vz, $snow, $jnj
Upvote: 8 · Downvote: 1 · Replies: 2
Froggy Froggy · October 30, 2020
Lesson learned over and over again....buy the rumor and sell the news!!!!!But with $nio...buy and hold forever or until $230.Apple BAD...NIO good, $tsla also bad....
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Charanjeet Charanjeet · October 30, 2020
as a Canadian i get "free" healthcare. and it is amazing. I pay my fair share and its ther when I need it. its funny how Americans cry about who offers better private Healthcare. do what canada does or keep doing whats already failing you and spend your money on military. if you wanted Healthcare you'd have voted for bernie. mainstream media decided you didn't like bernie. American m0r0ns amirite?
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Max Max · October 30, 2020
We won’t see 400 anymore tmr!
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NIO and TESLA BULL NIO and TESLA BULL · October 30, 2020
I have great advice for those who sold and wanted to buy in cheaper. Using the overall marker volatility as a bet. But nio has shown that while majority of EV stocks went down, nio held strong. I've said that in an EV bubble only $NIO & $TSLA will hold well because they're the only ones that produce quality, show promise, and actually fundamentally improve on every aspect in an emerging market. I told everyone that $WKHS $NKOLA $SHLL were all pump and dumps fueled by large money knowing the hype around EV nio and tesla. It was very easy to see especially when $SOLO was riding the wave as well .With that being said, here's my advice for those who sold early and wanted to buy back in cheaper. NIO is undervalued and has been. It will never price in future expectations because it is Chinese. Unlike Tesla that's already pricing in Kathy Woods estimation.And finally, here's my advice to people who sold early wanting to buy back in cheaper using technical analysis and market volatility...Buy back in at a premium. Hehehhehe.You won't regret it, I made that mistake a long time ago with nio.
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KJNIO KJNIO · October 29, 2020
From minchiDD on Stocktwits ‼️Just in‼️Following the announcement of the new "restricted traffic" policy in Shanghai, the sales of new energy vehicles in Shanghai have soared, and $TSLA sales at a Shanghai location exceeded 80 units for one store in one day. The daily sales of this store is about 10-20 units. Not only Tesla, but also EV stores like $NIO have increased daily sales substantially. The “new” policy strengthens their current one where they restrict certain plates from traveling on specific roads and certain times. The updated policy will encourage EV sales bigly.
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E.T E.T · October 29, 2020
the stock reminds me a lot of my ex-wife. Every morning I wake up I'm very disappointed by the afternoon.
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Cynical Engineer Cynical Engineer · October 29, 2020
Conflicting stories on the Tesla - Panasonic relationship. Some say Pana is developing a new battery for Tesla, began right after Battery Day, using the "ideas" presented (none were new). They say the 5x larger battery cells will be more economical. Strangely, most other manufacturers have long used even larger battery cells, many made by Pana. Will Pana make the new batteries in parallel with Tesla, once proven? Meanwhile, Pana totally abandoned the Rochester GF3 and is pumping new prismatic batteries for Toyota.
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Qwerty Qwerty · October 29, 2020
"FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said this week the commission will vote Nov. 18 to finalize a plan to divide the 5.9 GHz spectrum block reserved in 1999 for automakers to develop technology to allow vehicles to talk to each other and traffic infrastructure, but has so far gone largely unused."https://www.msn.com/en-ca/money/topstories/us-agencies-question-fcc-plan-to-shift-auto-spectrum-to-wi-fi/ar-BB1awiaT?li=AAggNb9&ocid=edgsp
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eric eric · October 29, 2020
Howdy folks!I have a question for this board?Even with a 50% growth here, it will take 4 years where this is trading at 4 x Sales. At 4 x Sales that would be a 5 X Premium to Toyota motor. That's about the same comparison as Wallmart/ Amazon ratio. Based on a future float of 1.3 billion if not more shares. The total diluted float right now is 1.105 billion shares. Tesla's true market cap is standing at 453.96 Billion! Float is climbing about 4 -5% a year. There total shares outstanding is climbing at 15% a year! The valuation is 5 years ahead of itself right now based on a Wallmart/Amazon ratio! Please note that all of tesla's profits are generated off of EV CREDITS! Amazon's profit sits at about 4% of sales. I think Tesla has 2 to 3 years left of EV credits before that revenue is gone. Then Tesla will have to earn a real profit like every other company out there! All thoughts welcome
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Anthony Anthony · October 29, 2020
The market caps of these EV companies is getting way out of control. Not only does Tesla have a valuation greater than all other automakers combined, with less than $9B in quarterly revenues, but NIO has a higher valuation than Ford, which just reported quarterly revenues of over $34B. NIO had less than $600MM during Q2 and their estimates for Q3 are also under that figure. I have seen arguments made to justify Tesla's lofty valuation, and if they are able to execute to perfection in every potential sector, then maybe they could warrant their current position in ten years or so. But NIO, their is no justification for them being valued higher than Ford. They are also within $11B of matching GM's market cap. This is serious bubble territory.
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Mike K Mike K · October 29, 2020
Panasonic will be making the new Tesla batteries so how does that benefit Tesla. News out this morning at 9:26am on the newswire.
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Yu Yu · October 29, 2020
with big techs ER today, market will soar tomorrow and with it, TESLA!
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Ruby Ruby · October 29, 2020
Should I buy Tesla stock at the current market price or its overvalued?
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NIO Matt NIO Matt · October 29, 2020
The old news was “this will be the next $tsla Tesla” no no au contraire, “this will be the industry leader.”Buy & HOLD
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E.T E.T · October 29, 2020
I just want to get my money back so I can sell. There's a lot of companies that are outperforming this one right now.
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