OTC and Pink Sheet Stock Screener

1,868 Stocks

Symbol Name Price (After hours) % (1D) Volume Market Cap Price Chart (1Y)
+0.00% 405.41M 26.63M sparkline
-20.00% 296.65M 881.68K sparkline
+0.00% 291.63M 86,769 sparkline
-50.00% 257.51M 140.60K sparkline
+0.00% 250.37M 67.95M sparkline
+0.00% 244.48M 3.58M sparkline
+300.00% 221.58M 1.73M sparkline
+0.00% 138.89M 3.99M sparkline
+0.00% 133.19M 2,698 sparkline
+100.00% 100.40M 2.04M sparkline
+0.00% 98.75M 244.39K sparkline
+33.33% 90.75M 815.13K sparkline
+0.00% 82.23M 202.01K sparkline
+0.00% 76.82M 389.22K sparkline
-50.00% 76.17M 971.72K sparkline
+0.00% 63.53M 713.47K sparkline
+2.33% 61.92M 42.38M sparkline
+0.00% 61.43M 0 sparkline
-8.33% 61.38M 6.10M sparkline
+0.00% 60.76M 829.54K sparkline
+21.21% 59.21M 14.17M sparkline
-16.67% 59.08M 3.11M sparkline
+0.00% 57.75M 442 sparkline
+0.00% 52.37M 3.65M sparkline
+0.00% 41.30M 133.15K sparkline
+21.15% 34.97M 53.72M sparkline
+0.00% 33.92M 23,900 sparkline
-6.67% 33.43M 2.94M sparkline
-20.00% 32.87M 357.03K sparkline
-20.00% 32.82M 718.81K sparkline
-22.50% 28.54M 415 sparkline
-1.23% 27.60M 156.04M sparkline
+0.00% 27.25M 2.48M sparkline
+0.00% 26.85M 174.20K sparkline
+25.00% 26.06M 270.64K sparkline
-9.09% 25.39M 979.92K sparkline
+33.33% 24.75M 284.25K sparkline
+30.16% 23.72M 4.05M sparkline
+0.00% 22.02M 1.86M sparkline
+6.67% 21.98M 785.57K sparkline
+0.00% 21.61M 537.79K sparkline
+25.00% 21.26M 8.20M sparkline
-33.33% 20.87M 761.02K sparkline
+20.00% 20.28M 637.24K sparkline
-14.29% 20.16M 59,495 sparkline
-98.00% 20.05M 156.04K sparkline
+12.50% 20.01M 615.32K sparkline
-5.12% 19.71M 38.77M sparkline
+6.12% 19.02M 5.06M sparkline
+9.09% 18.98M 60.96M sparkline
+16.67% 18.74M 3,929 sparkline
+20.00% 18.60M 147.08K sparkline
-20.00% 18.48M 533.64K sparkline
+16.67% 17.85M 124.25K sparkline


1. What are OTC Stocks?

OTC Stocks are stocks that are traded via a broker-dealer network, which is opposite to a centralized exchange like New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or Nasdaq Stock Exchange.
Small businesses are frequently prevented from listing on the NYSE or Nasdaq since it costs $295,000 and up to $75,000, respectively. On the OTC markets, some well-known big corporations are listed, including Allianz SE, BASF SE, Roche Holding AG, and Danone SA.

2. How do you buy OTC Stocks?

Determine the precise security to acquire and the investment amount before purchasing a stock on the OTC market. One of the biggest and most reputable markets for OTC equities is OTCQX. Most brokers in exchange-listed securities also deal in over-the-counter (OTC) stocks, which can be done over the phone or electronically on a broker's platform.

3. What are the three levels of OTC Stocks?


The penny stocks, shell firms, and bankruptcy-related businesses that trade for less than $5 are not listed on the OTCQX. Only 4% of OTC stocks are traded on the OTCQX, which has the most demanding reporting requirements and SEC scrutiny.
It includes some American businesses that intend to list on the NYSE or the Nasdaq in the future and foreign companies that list on foreign exchanges.


The OTCQB is frequently referred to as the "venture market" due to the concentration of emerging businesses subject to some regulation and financial reporting requirements to the SEC.

Pink Sheets

The riskiest OTC trading level is Pink Sheets, which has no obligations to file financial reports or register with the Securities and Exchange Commission. On the Pink Sheets, there are some trustworthy enterprises, but there are also a lot of shell companies and businesses that are purely for show.