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1Hundred.Old.Geezer 1Hundred.Old.Geezer · January 18, 2021
All in all the whole of markets are over bloated and in dangerous territories, over priced and no longer going on shares earnings per pricing fundamentals,most whole of markets are going on popularity favoritism based shares,most fund managers and people are not doing there DD or home work and keep telling people to keep investing in a over illed priced dangerous market hence just waiting to collapse,there is signs of a terrible market crash on the looming horrizon.The trouble with those signs is that while they are very obvious with the benefit of hindsight, they aren’t so easy to see in real time.In 1929, JFK’s father Joseph Kennedy Sr. picked up on one of those subtle signs and didn’t just get out at the top, he scored a massive windfall on the way down as well,yes he was one of those few who did not loose all his money back in the devastating 1929`s horrible crash,how did he know you ask..by sitting in a shoe shine chair having his shoes shined ...and yes it was the shoe shine boys advise that made him think drastically,this all very simple sign most people do not care to believe in or digest has always been proven strongly true time over time,soon once again it seems it will pronouce it`s coming more over.
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varanelli varanelli · January 18, 2021
Big picks, big winners, every week. That’s how I turned things around from losing trades. My secret weapon is (http://Thetraderguide.com). Join them today.
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conaboy conaboy · January 18, 2021
OMG! Are you taking advantage of these free trade alerts? If not there literally has to be something wrong with you. go to (http://Multistockalerts.com) now.
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Dan Dan · January 18, 2021
the professional victimclass keeps referring to a {Living Wage}. What is the dollar amount of Living Wage ???
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Googlestoleourpatent Googlestoleourpatent · January 18, 2021
it was bad enough that they stole netlist patent but now we find out that they are a communist organization who believes in censorship. By the way netlist the re-examination certificate has already went to publishing so it will be out soon and they had 78 patent claims upheld against Google who knowingly and willfully infringed those patents for the last 12 years. It's going to be a massive damage award!Buy Netlist to offset your Google losses. Thank me later.
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Doug Doug · January 18, 2021
I deleted all of my stuff off google. It took long time worth it. Stand against them taking your data!
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Thomas Thomas · January 17, 2021
Google Accounts tied to personal email address = BADWhy are you letting Google track you through your personal email address? Only use burner emails for search from now on
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Press Press · January 17, 2021
The time to make a move is now because the markets are headed for a crash. Do you know what stocks you should be in when the bottom falls out? If not check out this free newsletter that sends one stock a week. Just go to (http://Multistockalerts.com) to join for free!
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bubble what bubble bubble what bubble · January 17, 2021
Don’t like what Google is doing to our country? DuckDuckGo is a great browser—no tracking. . .
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Westin_Bonaventure Westin_Bonaventure · January 16, 2021
DEFUND the POLICE they said. DON'T build the WALL they said. Look at the Capitol now. 15,000 National Guard armed with M4 carbine weaponsFences everywhere to build a wall. They trying to keep people out or trapped inside.? $fb $snap $goog $msft
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dave dave · January 16, 2021
Attach your Fitbit to your dog so the data returned to google will lower your health insurance costs.
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vensel vensel · January 15, 2021
GOOG exploded and I missed out because I wasn’t listening to the great folks over at (http://Stocks-tracker.com). The next big winner won’t miss me. Don’t let it miss you either. Join them now
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roscoe roscoe · January 15, 2021
Google claims it has purchased Fitbit, but US government says investigation is ongoingGoogle and Fitbit have announced that the companies are merging, but the US Department of Justice says that investigation of the acquisition is still ongoing.“Today, I’m excited to announce that Google has completed its acquisition of Fitbit and I want to personally welcome this talented team to Google” wrote Rick Osterloh, Google’s Senior Vice President of Devices and Services in a blog post on 14 January.Fitbit CEO James Park wrote that “Fitbit is now officially part of Google”.However, Politico reporter Leah Nylen reports that the US government “has not reached a final decision about whether to pursue an enforcement action.”“The Division continues to investigate whether Google’s acquisition of Fitbit may harm competition and consumers in the United States. The Division remains committed to conducting this review as thoroughly, efficiently, and expeditiously as possible”.Such confusion comes as Fitbit users who had deleted their account ahead of the prospective merger nevertheless received emails from Fitbit to private addresses.“In 2019 I made a HUGE deal about having you permanently delete my data before Google bought you, and your helpdesk said you erased me. Yet I just received an email from you at my private email address. How did this happen?”, wrote software engineer and author Tanya Janca.“I do not want google having my personal data that I kept in your systems. You promised me (check your DMs to me) that I was erased, BEFORE the merger”, she continued.Chris Garaffa, author of the technology newsletter “Tech for the People”, said they had experienced the same occurrence.Neither Google nor Fitbit responded to a request for comment from The Independent before publication.Google paid $2.1 billion for the acquisition of fitness-gadget maker Fitbit, although news of the merger raised alarms from privacy critics.Google makes most of its money by selling ads based on information it collects about its billions of users' interests and whereabouts. Privacy watchdogs feared it might exploit Fitbit to peer even deeper into people's lives.
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Gloria Gloria · January 15, 2021
This may be the easiest long play out there. Who cares about the share price today. I'm in this for the share price 2022 and beyond. $GOOG $WIMI $NIO
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Jeff Jeff · January 15, 2021
Australia rebukes Google for blocking local contentThe Australian government has urged Google to focus on paying for Australian content instead of blocking it.After media reports said Australian news websites were not showing up in searches, Google confirmed it was blocking the sites for a small number of users.The search engine said it was conducting experiments to determine the value of its service to Australian news outlets.Google, Facebook and other tech companies are fighting the Australian government over plans to make them pay for news content.Google said the tests affect about 1% of Australian users, and will be finished by February.“The digital giants should focus on paying for original content, not blocking it. That’s my message to those digital giants,” said Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg.The big tech firms have been resisting legislation which will force them to negotiate with Australian news outlets over payment for the content which appears on their platforms.If the parties are unable to reach an agreement, a government-appointed arbitrator will decide for them.The law is currently being debated by Australia’s Senate, and is expected to be voted on early this year.Google and Facebook have called the rules unfair and suggested they would force them to limit their offerings in the country.The bill also covers Australia's two public broadcasters ABC and SBS, and requires Google and Facebook to share user data of news stories with their publishers.“That is a world-leading scheme that we are putting in place. It has been acknowledged not just by regulatory agencies but by other governments around the world,” said Mr Frydenberg.Google argues that its search services would be worse under the change.It has rolled out an extensive advertising campaign in Australia, arguing the laws would be damaging.Australia’s media proprietors see things differently. Australian print media has seen a 75% decline in advertising revenue since 2005, the government said.Many Australian news outlets have shut down or cut jobs in recent years as a result.
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SonnyBlack SonnyBlack · January 14, 2021
$AAPL $TWTR $AMZN $GOOG $FBCensoring people just doesn’t fly, as you are witnessing.
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SonnyBlack SonnyBlack · January 14, 2021
$TWTR $AAPL $FB $GOOG $AMZNAll Americans, left and right should be very worried about the censorship of differing opinions. These companies need to see that it’s not ok. Short ThemSell ThemDo Not Support Them
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randy randy · January 14, 2021
We've had no fewer than 5 insurrections in the last 10 months. The earlier attacks on Federal properties should have been condemned and the people responsible prosecuted with as much exposure in the news as those that were in our capitol. Those who requested money be sent to bail out the wrong doers should also be exposed. All politicians who made such a request for money should have their accounts suspended, regardless of political party affiliation. Stop the insurrections,
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john john · January 14, 2021
DuckDuckgo search engine trends the past 5 yearslook at the spike at the end!https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=today%205-y&geo=US&q=%2Fm%2F0rznvsc
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Buzzlightyear Buzzlightyear · January 14, 2021
to me, Google is a screaming buy right now. As we go towards the earnings announcement, the stock always climbes up $100-150. I am going long, given the low pricepoint right now.
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