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Why is Tilray Brands Inc (TLRY) Stock down?

We've noticed a 6.60% decline in Tilray Brands Inc (TLRY) stock during the 2024-05-17 trading session. While this could be attributed to normal volatility or various internal and external factors, please be aware that we are actively monitoring the situation, and we'll provide timely updates as soon as possible!
09 Apr, 2024:

Tilray Brands Inc (TLRY) stock crashed 20.66% due to Tilray's failure to fulfill a promise, leading to a loss of confidence among investors.

  • Earnings Disappointment: The latest earnings report from Tilray has disappointed investors, with the company reporting a loss of $0.05 per share in its fiscal Q3 2024. While this was better than the forecasted loss, which was closer to $0, it was overshadowed by the company's lower-than-expected sales figures. Analysts had anticipated sales of $198.5 million for the quarter, but Tilray fell short, reporting sales of only $188.3 million.
  • Challenges in the Cannabis Market: Tilray, once one of the largest players in the cannabis market, is facing challenges as it struggles to maintain its position. While total sales for the quarter increased by 30% year over year, most of this growth came from the company's alcoholic beverages business, rather than its core marijuana business.
  • Financial Strain: On the financial front, Tilray reported a generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) loss of $0.12 per share for the quarter. Additionally, distribution revenues declined by 13%, and profit margins on those revenues decreased by one percentage point, highlighting the financial strain the company is under.
10 Jan, 2024:

Tilray Brands Inc (TLRY) stock dropped by 5.21% due to the release of quarterly earnings. Although the results surpassed estimates, investors seemed cautious on market challengess and concerned about the company's guidance. Here are the key details:

  • Tilray's Q2 Earnings: Despite analysts' expectations for Tilray Brands Inc. (TLRY) to report a loss of $0.06 per share (adjusted for one-time items) on sales of $195.1 million for its fiscal Q2 2024, the company came remarkably close to breaking even with a zero-loss per share. However, its sales fell slightly short of expectations, reaching $194 million.
  • Revenue Growth and Margin Challenges: Tilray achieved notable revenue growth, with a 35% year-over-year increase in cannabis revenue and a substantial 117% surge in its beer business. Despite this, profitability was a concern as gross profit margins declined significantly in both the marijuana and beer segments. These margin challenges contributed to the stock decline.
  • Financial Guidance and Cash Flow: Looking ahead, Tilray provided guidance for the rest of the year, aiming to end 2024 with "adjusted" earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) between $68 million and $78 million, indicating a growth rate of 11% to 27%. However, it's important to note that this guidance did not promise actual GAAP profits. Tilray also emphasized its goal of generating positive adjusted free cash flow during the year.
  • Cash Flow Concerns: One area of concern is the company's cash flow, as it has already burned through $56.2 million in negative free cash flow by the end of Q2. This rate is double what Tilray experienced at the same time last year. Investors will be closely monitoring how Tilray plans to reverse this cash flow trend and achieve positive results by year-end. In summary, despite reporting an earnings beat in terms of adjusted earnings per share, Tilray's stock faced a decline due to margin challenges and concerns about its cash flow and profitability. The company's ability to address these issues and achieve its financial guidance for the year will be closely watched by investors.
05 Dec, 2023:

Shares of Tilray Brands Inc (TLRY) dropped by 9.47% from $2.06 to $1.865 in the trading on Tuesday, December 5, 2023. The reason why TLRY is down today is due to the postponement of a crucial vote on a bill to legalize marijuana in Germany until next year. Government leaders in Germany had initially planned to vote on the legalization bill this week. Tilray, as a leader in cannabis research, cultivation, and distribution with its European headquarters in Germany, had a vested interest in the outcome of the vote. Tilray's chairman and CEO, Irwin Simon, had even visited the German Parliament to discuss cannabis ahead of the vote. However, the vote was postponed after concerns were raised by leaders of Germany's Social Democratic Party (SPD) regarding the legalization proposal. Dirk Heidenblut, an SPD member responsible for the party's cannabis policy, stated that the approval ultimately depends on the parliamentary groups, and if a faction leader has concerns, the vote cannot proceed.

18 Sep, 2023:

Tilray Brands (TLRY) stock was down by 12.63% to $2.56 on sky-high volume on Monday because of a potential dilution event. Tilray Brands requests shareholders approve a measure that would raise the number of authorized shares of common stock from 990 million to 1.208 billion.


12 Sep, 2023:

Tilray, Inc. (TLRY) stocks have swung around wildly, were down 12.08% to $2.91 on Tuesday trading. Tilray's stocks fall back from recent gains as cannabis stocks cool off.


10 Aug, 2023:

Tilray, Inc. (TLRY) Stock plunged 8.39% to $2.62 after the announcement of its distillery Breckenridge for new and expanded partnership with the Denver Broncos.


26 May, 2023:

TLRY's stock fell 21.19% following news of yet another round of capital raising. The Canadian marijuana company is once again tapping investors for new funding. After market hours on Thursday, the ever cash-strapped Tilray announced it had launched a registered offering of $150 million worth of convertible senior notes. In a subsequent press release it set the pricing of those securities. Tilray said that it plans to use the proceeds from the issue mainly to redeem previously issued convertible senior notes. It will use a small portion of the funds for "general corporate purposes," about which it did not elaborate.


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