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Jay Jay · March 03, 2021
NIO board participants. I know it's been a couple terrible weeks in a row for NIO shareholders. First with the selloff and then Inflation news and now with the ER. I'm somewhat disappointed as well. But there is no reason to sell your stocks cheap now unless you're on margin call. All the other EVs are down including TESLA, XPENG, LI, NIO and more. I personally bought more shares hoping that it would go up in the next couple of months and perhaps get to the price range of what J.P. Morgan, Bank of America and other entities have forecasted. Again, I'm not giving you any advice, but volatility is your friend and at these hours, you see tons of savvy traders buy more share instead of just dumping their stocks and losing more money. Remember, EVERYTHING is DAWN. So hang in there. You can't become millionaires in a month. Look at TESLA, do you realize how many years it took TESLA to be profitable? NIO is doing it in half the time. The only disadvantage that I see with NIO is the fact that it’s a Chinese Stock. Otherwise, it would be in the 200 dollar range by now. Good luck.
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Wise Wise · March 03, 2021
NIO is the best EV in the market. A smart “adult” running the business, and he is not suffering from ADD. NIO has been executing exactly according to a very clear roadmap. They have steadily increasing production, delivery, revenue, improved margins, and EPS ( yes that’s also improved). NIO is centered in the largest market for Everything in the world, China.For American ICE companies getting into EV space and at the same time reducing their ICE production to zero, many effects are inevitably going to harm their revenue; once I know GM/F are not going to manufacture an existing ICE car in a few years, I won’t buy it. Because there will shortage of parts which results in higher cost of maintenance. This is in fact currently happening to Volvo in Sweden. People are not buying their current products for exactly that reason, since Volvo put more resources on its EV. GM/F have to terminate so many skilled workers who are not needed or not fit to work in EV line, and to be competitive these workers have to be replaced with modern robots.Unions will fight back.... repurposing the line to EV will turn out to be exhaustingly expensive. Only a subsidized conglomerate might be able to pull it off. China’s CoOp model, which NIO is a partner of, is the best example. Next is VW in Germany serving VW, bmw, Porsche, Audi ... with a shared manufacturing line. This model reduces the production costs by spreading it amongst parties. Individualistic culture we have been promoting here in the states make it extremely difficult to alter the mindset to that of serving common interests for good of the nation.COVID show is almost over. We all know rates won’t stay about zero forever. So rate increase shouldn’t come as a surprise. In fact stocks performed better when rates were higher! —— NIOs manipulated price will revive back up once the “whisperers” in the Wall Street agree on a bottom for a new entry in the market as a whole. NIO is extremely undervalued since the beginning of 2021.Long and strong NIO. Cheers
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Radi Radi · March 03, 2021
If it was only NIO I would be worried... great moment to buy extra... i have 2250 shares for 50 $... Will be more... LT STRONG
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T-NIO T-NIO · March 03, 2021
hmm do i buy broke and cash bleeding airlines, cruise lines, hotels, etc, or maybe buy obsolete big oil, or the ICE OEMs that will have flat to declining sales over the next 10 years due to new EV players, or in SPACs that won’t make $1 of revenue until 2024.....or keep it in NIO and ride the 100+% year over year revenue, profit and cash generation for the next 5-10 years... wow this is a tough one LMFAO
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bisogno bisogno · March 03, 2021
Shares of NIO (NYSE: NIO) slumped 19.7% in February, according to data from S&P Global Market Intelligence. The Chinese electric vehicle (EV) company got caught up in a broader sell-off of growth-dependent technology stocks, and more near-term volatility could be in the cards. Been watching stocks like this. Found a service that tells me buys and sells.
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cloud cloud · March 03, 2021
J.P. Morgan: Don’t Say Bye Bye to NIO Stock, Say Buy BuyMore content belowTipRanksTipRanksWed, March 3, 2021, 3:10 PM·4 min readMore content belowNIO-1.81%NIO's (NIO) Q4 earnings were disappointing -- and (most) investors were disappointed.The Chinese electric-vehicle maker's stock sold off by 13% Tuesday, one day after NIO delivered a tiny sales "beat" -- but lost twice as much money as analysts had bargained for.How bad was the news, exactly? In Q4, NIO reported $1.02 billion in quarterly sales, inching past analysts' predicted $1.01 billion. On the bottom line, however, the 17,353 EVs NIO delivered in the fourth quarter of 2020 cost the company a GAAP net loss of $0.16 per share, and an "adjusted" loss of $0.14 per share -- twice the $0.07 pro forma loss Wall Street had predicted.Not all of NIO's news was bad. NIO grew its sales 133% year over year in Q4, and turned last year's Q4 gross profit loss into a positive gross margin in Q4 2020 -- 17.2% for the quarter. Operating losses declined by 67%, net losses by 52%, and "adjusted" net losses by 53%. And viewed in that context, the quarter was good enough to get a pass from investment bank JPMorgan despite the big net loss.More than just a pass, actually. According to JPMorgan analyst Nick Lai, NIO's Q4 was "solid," and even a "meaningful beat" if you back out the "unrealized foreign exchange losses" that were the primary reason NIO lost twice as much money as analysts had anticipated. And the losses aside, the fact that NIO guided to better than 20,000 vehicle deliveries in Q1 2021 (at least 3% more than Lai had been banking on) has the analyst feeling "optimistic" about NIO's "long-term prospects and distinctive business model with [autonomous driving] as a service."As Lai pointed out, NIO's partner JAC Motors is expanding production capacity to facilitate NIO's growing sales, aiming to be able to produce 150,000 units annually one a single-shift production model -- or twice that with two shifts per day working on churning out NIO ES6, ES8, and EC6 automobiles -- and the new ET7 electric sedan as well. After seeing how fast production ramped in Q4, and NIO's projections for Q1, the analyst feels confident in predicting that deliveries will more than double this year, to 90,500 units or better.Lai noted that one bottleneck that might prevent NIO from hitting this goal is the well-publicized deficit in automotive semiconductor chip supplies (and another, constrained supplies of electric batteries). The analyst sees these reducing production rates to perhaps 7,500 units per month in Q2, but easing up thereafter.What kinds of production rates should investors be looking for, then? Assume 20,000 units produced in Q1, and 22,500 in Q2 -- that leaves 48,000 cars that NIO will need to build and ship in the second half of the year in order to hit its year-long production goal. That works out to 8,000 cars per month in Qs 3 and 4, and if NIO can do 7,500 cars a month with supply chain problems, it seems reasonable to assume it can do 8,000 a month without them.In any case, Lai doesn't seem to worried about the potential for a sales miss. In lowering his price target on the stock from $75 to $70 (but keeping his Outperform rating on the stock), Lai explains that his only real concern is that stock dilution has cut the value of NIO shares slightly. Earnings losses and production risks seem to bother him not at all. (To watch Lai's track record, click here)Other analysts share a similar opinion when it comes to NIO. TipRanks data shows out of 10 analysts, 7 are bullish and 3 are sidelined. With a consensus price target of $68.33, the potential upside is about 54%. (See NIO stock analysis on TipRanks)
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Wall.St Wall.St · March 03, 2021
My prediction - NIO will hit $250 to $400 a share by early 2022 to late in 2022, as there is a potential for 300,000 vehicles a year by early 2022, and that may go all the way up to 500K vehicles by end of 2022.
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SLY SLY · March 03, 2021
it's a buy at these levels.43M volume and it's not going lower.. but the whole market... as now we are GOOD.
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Danyal Danyal · March 03, 2021
Unless you bought the shares on margin there is no reason to start panicking. Chip shortage is a temporary endeavor and so is the recent market downturn. The fundamentals of Nio hasn’t changed. Quarterly report was great as confirmed by J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, etc during the ER call. Mute all the haters as it’s in their best interest that you sell. This is not financial advice and I’m not an advisor. At the end of the day you can do whatever the duck you wanna do!
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alexander alexander · March 03, 2021
Sponsored post:It seems like INOVIO reported their fourth quarter 2020 and year-end results. Check the disclaimer on the landing page. Meanwhile, these other companies are said to launch a direct-to-consumer residential microgrid solution. Do you have your coffee? Why not have it now and read this information here:
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reifman reifman · March 03, 2021
Nio (NIO) missed Q4 estimates on the bottom line but edged past top line forecasts, and warned the global chip shortage will slow production. Nio stock fell. I always seemed to miss my buy and sell points. Until I found this platform that seems to help out.
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shaun shaun · March 03, 2021
central bank of Norway picked up 13.6m shares yesterday
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woodal woodal · March 03, 2021
Nio (NIO) missed Q4 estimates on the bottom line but edged past top line forecasts, and warned the global chip shortage will slow production. Nio stock fell. Been watching stocks like this. Found a service that tells me buys and sells.
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JAMES JAMES · March 03, 2021
This dip is a great buying opportunity.NIO’s delivery numbers are a bit choppy right now because of one-off noise, including the Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday and semiconductor chip shortages as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this noise will pass.The underlying fundamental trends of NIO, meanwhile, remain very healthy. This allows the company to scale delivery and production, expand globally, maintain high average selling prices, and grow revenues and profit margins.Because of its strong fundamentals, it’s likely NIO stock will double-test its recent low around $45, hold that level, and then bounce back toward $70.Net net, buy the dip in NIO!
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cloud cloud · March 03, 2021
CICC maintains $85 price target for NIO, says sales expected to remain high in 2021Phate ZhangMarch 3, 2021The recent volatility in overseas market conditions and investor sentiment has caused NIO shares to pull back, but its core competencies and operating performance are on an upward trajectory in the medium to long term, said CICC, China's top investment bank, adding that it maintains an unchanged outperform rating on the company.In a report released Wednesday, CICC said it expects NIO to sell 93,000 units in 2021 and is bullish on the company's medium- to long-term volume growth.The team said NIO's costs have room to decline and adjusted its earnings forecast for 2021 and 2022 to RMB -3.68 billion and RMB 420 million.CICC said it maintains an unchanged price target of $85 for NIO, corresponding to a 71% upside.NIO fell 13% on Tuesday and has lost about 27% in the past three weeks.CICC maintains $85 price target for NIO, says sales expected to remain high in 2021-CnEVPostNIO's unaudited earnings report released after the bell on Monday showed that total revenue for the fourth quarter was RMB 6.64 billion, up 133.2 percent compared with the same period last year and up 46.7 percent compared with the previous quarter.NIO's net loss for the fourth quarter was RMB 1.39 billion, narrowing 51.5% compared to the same period last year and widening 32.6% compared to the previous quarter.The adjusted loss per ADS for the fourth quarter was RMB 0.93, a 25.6 percent widening from the prior-year quarter and higher than analysts' expectations of a loss of RMB 0.45.In the fourth quarter, NIO reported auto sales of RMB 6.17 billion, up 130 percent year-over-year. The gross margin on auto sales was 17.2%, compared to negative 6.0% in the year-ago quarter and 14.5% in the third quarter of 2020.CICC believes that NIO's improved operating performance, including gross margin and operating profit, exceeded market expectations in the fourth quarter due to lower BOM costs and scale effects. However, large foreign exchange gains and losses pulled down net profit for the fourth quarter and full year.The team said that NIO continued to improve in all operating indicators in the fourth quarter:Gross margin on vehicle sales improved by 2.7 percentage points to 17.2% from the previous quarter, already exceeding the average level of local car companies and closing in on the higher gross profit level of Chinese and foreign joint ventures.New energy credits revenue was RMB 120 million, contributing 1.8 percentage points to the overall gross margin, which was offset by a negative contribution from energy replenishment-related services.The company's expenses per vehicle were effectively controlled, with R&D expenses of RMB48,000 and sales and administration expenses of RMB70,000 per vehicle. This was at historically low levels and also helped achieve a 4.3 percentage point improvement in single-quarter operating profit margin sequentially.However, the company raised $5 billion overseas in the second half of the year, which led to an impairment of US dollar-denominated assets amid exchange rate fluctuations, which disturbed net profit in the fourth quarter.NIO has always claimed to be a user-centric company, which CICC said they believe is at the core of the company's high premium and high sales.CICC said that with adequate capital, the company will also continue to build on its strengths in user experience, which include:Sales network expansion, with 20 new NIO House locations and 120 new NIO Space locations in 2021.Service network expansion.Charging and battery swap network expansion, with second-generation battery swap stations gradually deployed in the second quarter and expected to increase to 500 battery swap stations, 600 charging stations and 15,000 destination charging posts by the end of the year.NIO expects to sell 20,000 to 205,000 units in the first quarter. Considering that NIO sold 7,215 and 5,578 units in the first two months of the year, CICC said its March sales target is at 7,207 to 7,707 units, which is expected to set a new quarterly and monthly delivery high, the best performance among China's new car makers.CICC also said NIO is strengthening its attributes as a technology company and its core competencies continue to improve. The team stated.The percentage of users choosing BaaS has rapidly increased to 55%, and its battery operation company has raised RMB 1.44 billion through two rounds of financing. Combined with partial bank credit, the company is expected to continue to expand its "vehicle-electricity separation advantage.In terms of technology, the launch of ET7 is expected to enable the company to keep a leading spot in smart driving.CICC maintains $85 price target for NIO, says sales expected to remain high in 2021-CnEVPostCICC maintains $85 price target for NIO, says sales expected to remain high in 2021-CnEVPostCICC maintains $85 price target for NIO,
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Anz Anz · March 03, 2021
Doesn't matter if it's green or red if you're LONG term investor. Don't sell today for peanuts, buy more on red days instead!
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Patrick H Patrick H · March 03, 2021
One thing NIO is doing that other EV companies are not is rolling out battery swap. So in a few minutes instead of an hour one can have a fully charged battery. For NIO they can recharge the swapped out batteries during off-peak hours at a cheaper rate. It is a win for the drivers and the company.
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voliva voliva · March 03, 2021
Nio (NIO) missed Q4 estimates on the bottom line but edged past top line forecasts, and warned the global chip shortage will slow production. Nio stock fell. Been watching stocks like this. Found a service that tells me buys and sells.
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Stuart Stuart · March 03, 2021
(5 hours ago) Nomura Adjusts Nio's Price Target to $81 From $80.30, Reiterates Buy Rating
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YL YL · March 03, 2021
NIO is projected to sell almost 100000 cars by end of 2021.If this projection is met, that will double 43728 cars sold in 2020!!The EV sales in China is expected to grow from 1.3 million cars in 2020 to 1.8 million in 2021.And is forecasted to grow to 20% of new car sales by 2025.And China sold about 25.3 million new cars during 2020.This is just in China alone. Once NIO start selling in Europe and US, it will get even better.Looking bright future for all EV players.Hope vehicle and gross margin continue improve from current 17.2% to above 20%.I read NIO got dinged in 4Q 2020 earning mainly due to foreign exchange rate loss.I read Yuan is expected to strengthen vs dollar during 2021. So, hope it doesn't happen anymore.This is no brainer to me as long term investor. IMHO.
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