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More Discussions
John John · October 30, 2020
I find it funny that people are posting on here as if today’s price action indicates something regarding Netflix. Most of the market is getting hit today. This stock isn’t immune. But it’s a great buying opportunity.
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slim_shady slim_shady · October 30, 2020
$AMZN $GOOG $NFLX $TSLAThis market is beyond my understanding. I was up 50k for the year, and it just took 4 weeks to lose it all. MRNA included.
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Kruunu Kruunu · October 30, 2020
red = freedom & gov't hands off, entrepreneurial = gov't oversight and control, free healthcare, free wisely $fb $twtr $nflx $amzn
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FinMoney FinMoney · October 30, 2020
1st time in America politics a President says "I am going to raise your taxes." "I am going to stop fracking", which will increase gasoline prices by double or more. Free this, Free that... Not excited for what lies ahead if J.B. wins...$nflx $fb $twtr $amzn
Upvote: 21 · Downvote: 7 · Replies: 4
Gator Gator · October 30, 2020
So, really what changed with the fundamentals of this company since yesterday, that merits an over 4% drop.?
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BeeSay BeeSay · October 30, 2020
Between "Cuties" and the price increase, I finally got around to canceling, just now. Feels good.
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JOEP JOEP · October 30, 2020
Can someone explain why the stocking down, I don't get it
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Mr.x Mr.x · October 30, 2020
lost all its gains even with price increase news!
Upvote: 4 · Downvote: 1 · Replies: 1
garolou garolou · October 30, 2020
I love the set up here. The last time Netflix announced a price increase at this time of year was 2017, right before Q4 and Q1 their seasonally strongest quarters. They showed tremendous pricing power by beating subscriber expectations for both Q4 and Q1 which eventually propelled the stock to a 400% gain. PT 1000.
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Chris Chris · October 30, 2020
Netflix has expanded prices of two of its plans in the United States, which are said to be effective as of October 29, for new members. Also, have your attention of some other companies that are said to have launched campaign platforms to fortified its way ahead for growth. Sounds Awesome! Sight Disclaimer tab on the page as well. Start here:
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wanosok wanosok · October 30, 2020
Recently, Netflix's vice president of internet TV operations, Wood led the development of the first set-top box for the DVD rental shop's then-newborn streaming video service. While, these other markets are said to consistently supply a pure lithium product to the market. Please check disclaimer on landing page
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AS AS · October 30, 2020
trying to cover revenue loss due in Unsubscribe by more than 10% of users. . tons of users join temporarily.. now stock price and expectations are high .. they will loot old customers to keep their pocket heavy
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Chris Usiak Chris Usiak · October 30, 2020
Netflix price target raised to $643 from $630 at Piper SandlerPiper Sandler analyst Yung Kim raised the firm's price target on Netflix to $643 from $630 and keeps an Overweight rating on the shares. Netflix yesterday announced a modest increase to U.S. subscription fees, increasing the fee for Standard $1 to $14 and raise the Premium tier $2 to $18, Kim tells investors in a research note. The analyst believes the company had room to increase the subscription of Standard further, but kept the increase in line with the historic average of $1.25.
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Michael Michael · October 30, 2020
Why is raising prices is a good thing? I am scratching my head and can’t figure out. So people only think about the bigger pool or revenue, but no one thinks about more people will cancel their subscriptions now Netflix is more expensive? The competition is getting out of hand, it is a double suicidal move to raise the price IMO
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John John · October 30, 2020
Amazon and googleDoubling down to win streaming vs nflx
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Vs Vs · October 30, 2020
Wow stock jump on price raise. They just proven long term goal does not matter. Stock price do. Why not, after all they need to bail out investor who keep paying subscriptions in developing world to inflate revenue.Let's push this to 600+ and I will sure start shorting.
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John John · October 30, 2020
I don’t blame those of you who sold when it went above $510 and I think tomorrow is shaping up like another market selloff. But that said the election is likely over Tuesday night. A contested election could create some overhang but that appears unlikely to happen. The other uncertainty is covid. Well a second wave hardly hurts nflx. In fact it likely helps. So that’s why I didn’t sell some today. I think this stock will be in the $600 before the end of the year. I will take some profits before then but not selling at $510 right now.
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keep emotions out keep emotions out · October 30, 2020
that is precisely why analysts raised their target to 710 last month
Upvote: 12 · Downvote: 3 · Replies: 1
John John · October 30, 2020
Market pullback in the last few minutes definitely led to a small pullback here. But I didn’t sell a share. This is definitely a stock you want to own as we hit a second wave. I think it will be back to $550 range soon enough.
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Eric Eric · October 29, 2020
is it worth it to lose $13 for every cancellation? you need 13 subs raised by $1 to equal a single cancel. remember that
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