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John John · October 31, 2020
Ge going green on a dooooom day
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Jennifer Jennifer · October 30, 2020
GE still green!
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Lisa Lisa · October 30, 2020
checking up on tusa,he acknowledges ges improving positionconsiders it a hold, hasn't decided price targetmy assumption he is waiting for further proof ........
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AlexI AlexI · October 30, 2020
GE is holding up pretty well today. This is very encouraging.
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Halimah Halimah · October 30, 2020
General Electric was commended for its performance as it produced some positive statistics. Also, some other companies are said to have several catalysts in place to potentially conquer the eCommerce space. More info on the page, and do not forget the Disclaimer section:
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Steve Steve · October 30, 2020
Nice and steady support to $8.
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WISH ME LUCK WISH ME LUCK · October 30, 2020
Monday $GE they will push above 8 and start their weekly shorting game #shorts, BUY TODAY and sell Monday $GE
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Ava Ava · October 30, 2020
Fastest gains I have ever made in trading and I couldn’t have done it without They saved my bacon!
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Dorothy Dorothy · October 30, 2020
General Electric offers technologies, solutions, and services related to energy production, including gas and steam turbines, generators, and power generation services. Likewise, these other companies could be so impressive with the strategies that has taken. Could this be game changing? Also, check disclaimer on page. Read the details:
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che che · October 30, 2020
Accordingly, General Electric’s results are said to improved significantly in the third quarter, despite ongoing pressure from the pandemic. Thus, it is said that these other companies were efficiently delivering all-natural formulated products in addressing health and wellness. Check the disclaimer on the landing page.
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General Electric’s third quarter report had just got interested because of the said turnaround in market value. Also, take a look at these other companies which could supply about 6.7 million tons of inferred lithium. Please check disclaimer on my Landing page:
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Alex Alex · October 30, 2020
GE is way undervalued at this point. BUY now great opportunity!!! Will be $10 plus very soon!!!
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WISH ME LUCK WISH ME LUCK · October 30, 2020
$GE Melius Research analyst Scott Davis $11 price targetRBC analyst Deane Dray price target is $9 a shareGoldman Sachs $10Deutsche Bank $9Only M.f.o.. J.P. Morgan analyst Stephen Tusa is Bearish$GE will explode
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David David · October 30, 2020
All stocks are manipulated daily. Ge will be stably up to 10 within 3 months no matter who wins the election and you should have funds in reserve to buy any dip into the 6s. It is never going into the 5s again and that is all you need to know. If you can hold for 3 months you will win. If you are looking for one day/week gains you need to get into metal detecting.
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T. T. · October 29, 2020
GE shares are little changed today after yesterday's 3Q earnings jump. Analysts are generally praising the quarter as moving the company closer to its turnaround goals. The aviation division is weighing everything down and will likely dictate the near-term performance but improvement in other operations is reassuring. RBC said management has "ample runway for wringing more working capital efficiencies across the company to materially improve GE's cash generation potential." The company is targeting a cash burn of about $1.3B for the entire year, which Melius Research sees as a victory because of GE's aviation exposure. "Given the fast implosion of Aerospace this year, stopping the bleeding became the goal and GE succeeded in doing so," the firm said.
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David David · October 29, 2020
I have 7 people in my family all registered democrats and we all voted Trump. As a business owner I can not withstand another lock down and coupled with the fact that Biden has not been supporting law enforcement this was a no brainer. First time I ever we ever voted Republican. Not to mention my wifes family who is extremely left and they even voted Trump. The media will get a wakeup call on Tues night.
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Jorge Jorge · October 29, 2020
At the close level 2 the ask started at 250k then keep increacing to anout 850k shares for sake nut the bid never went lower than 7.36. I believe that someome sold so much that they will use those funds tomorrow to bring the stock up as a reverse and take it pass 7.5.
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Ohlms Ohlms · October 29, 2020
Every stock trader wants to be consistent and profitable, that may be difficult, but you can sign up for True Trading Group where you will be given educational skills on how to trade better. They also have a 7-day trial so Come join us
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jj jj · October 29, 2020
Shares of General Electric Co. pulled a sharp intraday U-turn Thursday to trade in negative territory, as they once again failed to sustain gains above a chart resistance level even as Wall Street analysts praised the industrial conglomerate's blowout earnings report.The stock (GE) rose as much as 4.3%to an intraday high of $7.74 in morning trading, before reversing course to fall 0.2% at $7.41 in afternoon trading. For the second day in a row, and for the third time in five sessions, the stock climbed above the 200-day moving average intraday, but failed to close above it.The last time the stock closed above the 200-day moving average was March 4 , just as the COVID-19 crisis took hold. On Thursday, the 200-DMA extended to $7.67 , according to FactSet.
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metoo metoo · October 29, 2020
General Electric price target raised to $9 from $6.81 at Deutsche Bank
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