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Anonymous Anonymous · January 20, 2021
One more week until earnings report...
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mead2014 mead2014 · January 20, 2021
At $30 per share, GE promise windfall to investors. The only thing the fell was the stock price. Even the little wind drip called dividend was taken away. Lots of assets were divested and the money drifted away with the wind. Check your wallet, do you see any GE penny? nope.
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Tony Tony · January 19, 2021
Aviation and Earnings will bump GE stock up to $15. Great Bottom Fishing here. Start your jet engines!
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ED M ED M · January 19, 2021
NOT SURE why volume was low today and price hardly moved considering all the good news out there and a green market day....I sure thought we would hit the $12 today, but I guess not today.......maybe tomorrow....short term price target for GE $14
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GeneralState GeneralState · January 19, 2021
$GE General Electric Company (NYSE: GE) is an up stock going higher, said Cramer. He thinks the business is really turning.
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GeneralState GeneralState · January 19, 2021
$GE GE stock price target raised to $14 from $12 at UBS
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J J J J · January 19, 2021
bad news, ge health to lay off more than 140 following a decrease in production
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Argo Argo · January 19, 2021
Big Pension Bought Up Tesla, Apple, Microsoft, and GE Stock
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AlanB AlanB · January 19, 2021
From LinkedIn post: They say that in the darkest times you can find clarity. 2020 has been challenging in more ways that most of us can count. However, as I write this in the first days of 2021, I am hopeful. Hopeful because in these COVID-19 times, climate change and the need to accelerate the transition to more renewable sources of power has been at the center of so many discussions.2020 has been a great year for the development of our offshore wind business at GE Renewable Energy. Even in these challenging times we’ve made important progress: from obtaining the full type certificate for the Haliade-X 12 MW and 13 MW successively to reaching financial close for Dogger Bank A and B wind farms and announcing that we will also be providing our Haliade-X 14 MW for the third phase of the Dogger Bank wind farm in the U.K. When fully completed in 2026, this 3.6 GW offshore wind farm will power over 6 million homes and businesses in the U.K . We are also making great strides in the Offshore wind ramp up in the US. Just a few weeks ago Vineyard Wind announced it has pre-selected our Haliade-X technology for the 800 MW Vineyard Wind 1 farm off the coasts of Martha’s Vineyard (Massachusetts). We opened 2021 on a high note by confirming that our Haliade-X will power the 1.1 GW Ocean Wind Offshore Wind Farm for our customer Ørsted in New Jersey, and again, I am hopeful because I know that the best is still to come. And it’s not just GE Renewable Energy: the entire offshore wind industry continues to make important strides. In the midst of our common challenges, offshore wind has been identified by policy makers as one clear response to stimulate the economies coming out of COVID. The United Kingdom, seeing the pandemic as “catalyst for green growth” is pledging to power all UK homes thanks to offshore wind by 2030, while the European Union continues its efforts to decarbonize and meet its renewable energy goals by announcing its ambition to boost offshore wind capacity up to 300 GW by 2050. Further east, in Japan – a country where offshore wind potential is limitless – the government officially announced its first ever fixed-bottom auction for four major offshore wind zones. More than anything, I am hopeful when I think about our offshore team at GE Renewable Energy. It has been a tough but I think fulfilling year for all of us given the faith that customers and partners are placing in us. We can look forward with big goals and big dreams, starting in France with the installation and commissioning of the 480 MW Saint-Nazaire offshore wind farm.I think many of you reading this today, my counterparts and colleagues share this spirit of hopefulness. After all, there is every reason to be optimistic about the future of offshore wind … in 2021 and beyond.Written by John Lavelle, CEO of Offshore Wind @ GE Renewable Energy
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Andrew Andrew · January 19, 2021
What GE really needs to do to re-ignite its growth engine is to buy this fast-growing semi-conductor company that has products with high demand made by cutting-edge technologies and with its stock trading at dirt cheap level, making it a steal and great fit for GE (and a great contribution to the U.S.). Even if GE just got 25% ownership of the company, it already has the right to get a couple seats in the board and participate in daily operations to see these world leading technologies and top-notch manufacturing process in their own eyes and have a say in this company's major moves in the future. It would be similar to American companies' and institutions' ownership in ASML, one of the most important semiconductor company in the world.Rumor is that some big suitors are already getting their hands on this global high-tech gem. This small super tech may double in price in a swift (it already has since we started covering it one year ago), closing the opportunity of cheap buyout soon. Read our last analysis and you’ll see.
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Andrew Andrew · January 19, 2021
JJ tell us your position. You say you took a larger short position at 11.64. For how many sharesEveryone wants to know so we can all make fun of you as GE blows past 12. Lol
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Jason Jason · January 19, 2021
Been bullish here since Jan 2018. Saw a light after management shake-up and even more with debt restructuring, better structure withing the Board, and sensible asset sell-offs and no frills outlooks and updates from top brass. I hope Culp is around for another decade.
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Lisa Lisa · January 19, 2021
Analyst Actions: Goldman Adjusts General Electric's Price Target to $14 From $13, Keeps at Buy
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Bryce Bryce · January 19, 2021
"GE stock price target raised to $14 from $12 at UBS"The reason will become very clear very soon. GO GE!
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elega elega · January 19, 2021
Sponsored Post:It is said that General Electric’s Digital APM was recently recognized for its leadership in capabilities across Oil & Gas, Utilities, Mining, and Manufacturing industries. Check the disclaimer on the landing page. Thus, it was said that these other companies could become a global industry in the solar sector. Want to know some new exciting ideas? This could possibly add to that:
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mike mike · January 19, 2021
But wait markropulis said GE no good lol
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K K · January 19, 2021
Gentlemen & Ladies and all others this is the week GE will not only crack the $12 mark but will maintain it.
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Clancy Clancy · January 19, 2021
The long weekend and political uncertainty is over, now the money is pouring back into market. Enjoy the ride to $30.
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Greg M. Greg M. · January 19, 2021
Culp is doing a great job with monetizing various businesses, especially power, and drastically fixing the Balance Sheet.....hes setting this company to become one of the most respected organizations n AR now exceed current n LT debt and only will improve this qtr....accumulate before this really takes off...could see this jump to the mid to high teens if a solid qtr n positive outlook..
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Baseball Baseball · January 19, 2021
The Culp/GE year begins, the higher the price of stock the more M&A you'll see CULP do,, then aggressive buybacks will start with more deals $35 real soon
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