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Nimas Nimas · October 30, 2020
No worries guys. In long term, I see more upside in years to come. Never doubt Zuckerberg
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Saud Saud · October 30, 2020
I never seen something like that. The company is beating every expecting level and it goes down😂.
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BigO BigO · October 30, 2020
Fb crushed earnings & EPS, beat across the board & I’m glad I had stocks and didn’t touch options
Upvote: 12 · Downvote: 4 · Replies: 1
Froggy Froggy · October 30, 2020
$tsla, $aapl. $msft, $goog, $fb....$vz...$amzn
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Chase Chase · October 30, 2020
Will be up tomorrow!
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TD101 TD101 · October 30, 2020
I’ve told you guys 10 times over. Holding thru earnings has ZERO reward. It’s all risk. The risk is they beat by 40% and it drops $8. Unreal. But reality. No tech is worth holding thru earnings.
Upvote: 2 · Downvote: 2 · Replies: 2
David David · October 30, 2020
Solid gain today and ads keep growing. Correction ahead. 350 ahead
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Claudio Claudio · October 30, 2020
Room full of chicken littles! Tomorrow morning all the analysts upgrades will pour in an FB will fly
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Anonymous Anonymous · October 30, 2020
Earnings Beat: 25%Revenue Beat: 8%Users (US & Canada): Down 1%Users (Global): Up 12%PPS after hours: Down 2.5 %Go figure.
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joe joe · October 30, 2020
Best growth stock out there . It can go down 10 points and 10 the next day and I sleep like a baby .400 shares strong
Upvote: 5 · Downvote: 3 · Replies: 2
Nessi Nessi · October 30, 2020
To the Moon !
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Dan Dan · October 30, 2020
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey accused of lying under oath to the Senate: That's a felony
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Mark Mark · October 30, 2020
When many companies are laying people off and reducing operational costs and advertisement, does FB think these companies will continue spending on ads? NO... ad spending will significantly be lower and FB will see lower ad rev. I don’t understand how FB and investors think ad rev will continue in this environment.
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Maz Maz · October 30, 2020
Revenue: $21.47 billion, up 22% year-on-year ($19.84 billion expected) Daily Active Users: 1.82 billion, up 12% year-on-year (1.78 billion expected) Monthly Active Users: 2.74 billion, up 12% year-on-year (2.70 billion expected) Earnings Per Share (EPS) GAAP: $2.71 ($1.91 expected)
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Thomas Thomas · October 30, 2020
Supreme Court ruling could make robocalls ‘virtually unstoppable’Facebook (FB) is fighting a case in the Supreme Court. It’s not about fake news, foreign influence, censorship, or antitrust issues – it’s about robocalls.This is the second time in 2020 that the Supreme Court has heard a case involving robocalls.Efforts to fight robocalls through new legislation foundered this year as the divided Congress left out key provisions that defined exactly what a robocall really is.In 2014, Noah Duguid started receiving a ton of texts from Facebook regarding his "account" – even though he didn’t have a Facebook account. Irritated, he asked Facebook to stop sending him messages. The company did not stop and he sued. Now, it’s gone all the way to the Supreme Court.This type of automated phone activity can take the form of texts or calls and is a different kind of robocall than the obvious fraudsters who say that you’ve “won a free vacation” or want to sell you a new car warranty. But they do represent a significant problem that vexes anyone with a phone.In almost all circumstances, a business needs your permission to send you an automated call or text. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 applies this to companies that use “autodialers,” essentially technology that stores and dials numbers.But Facebook says that its technology doesn’t count as an autodialer because it doesn’t dial randomly. That’s the question in front of the court: What is an autodialer?An exception to smartphonesFacebook and other business-friendly interests say that you can’t define an autodialer as simply a device that stores and dials numbers because that would mean the law would apply to a modern smartphone, which can also store and dial numbers.But in a new letter to the court against Facebook this week, consumer groups including the National Consumer Law Center, the Consumer Federation of America, and Consumer Reports argue that this is disingenuous, and that no one really thinks smartphones are involved in the spam calling or texting.Furthermore, the letter argues, if the court ruled in favor of the tech behemoth, “users would be defenseless against the increasing barrage of robocalls.”“The consequence will be that autodialed calls and texts to all cellphones and the other protected lines will be virtually unstoppable,” the consumer groups wrote.Speaking to Yahoo Finance, the National Consumer Law Center’s Margot Saunders, one of the authors of the letter to the court, explained the difference between autodialers that companies use and smartphones.“That’s just speed dialing,” Saunders said of what smartphones do, adding that the consumer groups couldn’t find a single case of smartphone robocalling that ended in a lawsuit.As the letter argues, “Smartphones are simply small computers, which standing alone do not have the ability to robocall people en masse.” In other words, they should not be included in the robocall debate — something the FCC could clear up if it chose to, but has not.Politics is getting in the way?Saunders said companies like Facebook would rather simply make sure unwanted messages are legal than to deal with stopping the spam texts. Facebook did not respond to a request for comment.Joining Facebook’s side, she added, are many companies and corporate interests, which were part of the reason why the robocall bill that passed Congress didn’t previously resolve the issue.In the divided Congress, protections that would have solved this problem were not included in the robocall bill that passed in 2019. And with conservative-leaning Amy Coney Barrett recently confirmed to the Supreme Court, consumer advocates are concerned a ruling in Facebook’s favor will remove people’s means to stop unwanted texts and calls.The Federal Communications Commission has put anti-robocalling efforts high on its list of priorities and the agency has been active, especially fighting fraudulent calls. But the FCC hasn’t used its authority to make a ruling that smartphones don’t count as robocalling machines, potentially clearing the Facebook matter up.Saunders said the industry-friendly agency’s stalling is because it’s facing a dilemma. If Pai and the FCC rule in favor of consumers who don’t like spam calls and texts, Pai may lose friends in the business community. And if it rules in a way advantageous to Facebook, the anti-robocall champion suddenly is on the side of the robocallers.“This has been pending the FCC for two years and [FCC Chair Ajit] Pai has not touched it,” Saunders said. “It’s the third rail.”The FCC declined to comment on the matter, or Saunders’ reasoning. The court will hear the case in December with a ruling expected in the spring.
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Booda Booda · October 29, 2020
I like this go to 305 and stay there tomorrow!
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BigO BigO · October 29, 2020
Short term traders lose money 99% of the time
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Maz Maz · October 29, 2020
Strong ad revenues boost Facebook past expectations as company cites ecommerce boom as tailwind.
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Nicholas Nicholas · October 29, 2020
With Apple down more than five percent after earnings, expect the volatile selloff to resume on Friday. Good luck to all and be disciplined when entering and exiting positions.$spy$^dji $^gspc $^ixic $qqq $amzn $fb $pins $snap $nflx $intc $sbux $msft $f $c $cvs $ibm $amd
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Ruby Ruby · October 29, 2020
Go fb the only major tech after earnings green today.
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