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Stop Eating Bat Sandwich Stop Eating Bat Sandwich · January 19, 2021
Be a patriot and delete these 2 un-american commie owned apps. $FB $TWTR
Upvote: 15 · Downvote: 2 · Replies: 0
I See You I See You · January 19, 2021
Facebook and other social networks are incentivized to treat users poorly. They pay lip service to connectivity and community. They comply with most laws regarding data collection and privacy. Then, they turn around and do everything they can to make money off their users. When they can skirt the law, they do so.
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mcnicoll mcnicoll · January 19, 2021
Winners don’t come often when you are out there in the wild world of the markets. But all that can change if you join the right program. I joined up with these guys (http://Stocks-tracker.com). Now I am having solid picks every week.
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Dan Dan · January 19, 2021
"FBI vetting all 25,000 National Guard troops in DC"- question #1. did you vote fo Trump? - question #2. see question #1
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JM JM · January 18, 2021
Thousands are fleeing facebook. Time to sell.
Upvote: 5 · Downvote: 3 · Replies: 2
TEXAS TEXAS · January 18, 2021
Yahoo FinanceHow the world’s biggest tech companies are working to prevent free speech.In the aftermath of the Jan. 6 Capitol attack, tech companies ranging from Facebook and Twitter to Google have moved to stop the spread of free speech content on their platforms. With the presidential inauguration set for Jan. 20, those sites, as well as others including Shopify and Etsy, have moved to address similar content on their platforms related to the day’s event.
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ken ken · January 18, 2021
Sponsored post:Facebook announces launch of small business grant for India. Check the disclaimer on the landing page. Meanwhile, these other companies were likely to investigate for lithium clay deposits at Teels Marsh, Nevada. All the good news that you might want to know is here! Go give it a try: https://prem.li/PromisingElectricVehiclesMarket
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Narendra modi Narendra modi · January 18, 2021
Hello everyone Please tell your friends and family to buy fb stock as much as possible because as per my research it will go 330 in next few months Please tell everyone so everyone can take advantage of my research Thanks
Upvote: 4 · Downvote: 0 · Replies: 0
Chris Chris · January 18, 2021
This stock is currently priced according to the availability of YOUR DATA! They make money because you exist. They could care less about our country. It's like an experiment in gravity! Invest and descend at a constant rate of -9.8 m/s^2. SELL
Upvote: 6 · Downvote: 1 · Replies: 0
Chris Chris · January 18, 2021
I just did some digging and learned the Zucks plans to unload another 1.5 million shares of stock after the holiday! Is there any wonder?!
Upvote: 8 · Downvote: 3 · Replies: 1
Eric Eric · January 18, 2021
The business model is to collect data as much as they can, invade privacy as much as they can, abuse data as much as they can. Do you think the business model will continue to thrive without consequences?
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Mahmudur Mahmudur · January 18, 2021
Last week i bought lots of Facebook Share thanks for your hard work Facebook haters ...... Facebook is Future Donald Trump going to be past from this Tuesday 😀 Time to make money 💰
Upvote: 1 · Downvote: 2 · Replies: 0
Eric Eric · January 18, 2021
dont have any FB but enjoy watching the comments...a lot people just want to release their anger, which is fine...but for real investors, when you try to short a firm like FB, this is really risky thing to do, they have a lot cash and can wipe out shorts with couple statements...if you look option, it kind reflects that, if you are longs and lost a lot money recently, just be patient, it wont stay at this price very long, especially the q4 earning is coming, election year is always good for FB, again if you dont have anything to do with FB, just put your money somewhere else to avoid the trouble, a lot good options out there
Upvote: 2 · Downvote: 0 · Replies: 0
rocketship rocketship · January 18, 2021
Apple was 300% lower about 5 years ago!! These have TRIPLE DIGIT UPSIDE, note the video presentation viewed by 57,000 viewers so far: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxEFekPUuqU&feature=youtu.beplease $twtr do the right thing!
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Tim Tim · January 18, 2021
facebook twitter google All got jons in biden admin.why you all supporting them ..sell fb twtr big tech
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Jawad Jawad · January 18, 2021
moved 500k usd to tsla in nov and it doubled.
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Clay Ryan Clay Ryan · January 18, 2021
I can’t wait to see 45’s Fanboys complain when $FB reports earnings. It’s going to be epic and quite hilarious.
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Rob1 Rob1 · January 17, 2021
Canceled my FB account and sold my stock. Not everything is about $. Protection against censorship is much more important.
Upvote: 4 · Downvote: 2 · Replies: 1
Forgrave Forgrave · January 17, 2021
Anyone else ever check out (http://Pick-stocks.com)? They just sent a tip about FB
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SmartFacts SmartFacts · January 17, 2021
FB do the right thing, PLEASE! Heads up for next week: ACRX mentioned as 1 of 2 stocks that could TRIPLE, presentation viewed by 56,000 viewers in 4 days: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxEFekPUuqU&feature=youtu.be
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