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Unkommon Unkommon · October 30, 2020
Electric Van is revealed in 2 weeks.Ford Motor Co., marking another step forward in its goal of electrifying its most iconic nameplates, will reveal on Nov. 12 the all-new E-Transit, the fully battery-electric version of the best-selling Transit cargo van.The Blue Oval, on the heels of a third-quarter earnings report that beat Wall Street expectations, on Thursday announced the name, reveal date and teasers for the new Transit. The new EV offering — which is scheduled to be released for model year 2022 — is a cornerstone of CEO Jim Farley's vision of delivering technologically advanced trucks and vans that promise reduced maintenance time, lower overall costs, and enhanced, data-driven services to business customers.https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/ford/2020/10/29/ford-reveal-all-new-electric-transit-van-nov-12/6064917002/
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Anonymous Anonymous · October 30, 2020
The company is doing well and the price is very low. Really can't go wrong here holding a small position. If price does go down because of market conditions (not related to the company), then probably the best thing to do is average down. At the same time don't expect this to turn into a NIO. Won't happen. NIO is a tulip stock.. Ford is a well established company with a huge track record. Change will come slowly for them, but it will come. To big to fail type of thing. If you are into Ford for quick profits, you are probably in the wrong place. If you're are into security and slow growth, then you are in the right place. The turtle and the Hare.
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samtheman samtheman · October 30, 2020
Tax Day Traders 90% and Ford stock will go up.
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Oscar Oscar · October 30, 2020
2 years ago I was in AMD and saw the same type of reaction to keep a stock down only for so long eventually they break out good numbers don't lie.
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None None · October 29, 2020
Just ordered a Bronco Sport for my wife and will order a 2 door Bronco for me when ordering opens in Dec. Both will be paid in cash from the dividends I received from Ford over the years. I'm a long term holder of Ford stock. Managed to snag some shares when it was down to $1.94.I have recovered my initial investment in Ford when it was in the $17 range along with $ 27K profit. I'm still holding just over 10,000 shares at 0 cost. Talked with the local sales people today, they said before March they had record sales and still think this year will be one of their best even with the virus.They can sell every Super Duty and Transit they can get, factory is having a hard time keeping up.Just thought I would pass on my actual experience. Just be patient and you will be rewarded.Happy Investing.
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Edsel Edsel · October 29, 2020
Ytd range NIO 1.44 to over 30 today FORD 3.96 to 9.46 If FORD's executives were samurai they all would have committed seppuka And FORD investors would honor their memories by investing in NIO to try to get back their money.
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NutintheHut NutintheHut · October 29, 2020
Shorts are relentless today. Of all days, they pick the day after an almost perfect ER. Smh
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EB EB · October 29, 2020
This stock is weird they should be worth a lot more. I guess the market doesn't agree, maybe it has something to do with them taking away their dividend. ORRRR it could just be one of those stocks that seem like they don't want to go up and then the next day suddenly start going up and up and up and up. I remember when NIO was 6.84 back in May and they didn't move much at first on good news and then all of a sudden out of nowhere they just started going up. I didn't buy them because they don't market to North America but I wish I would have. Obviously. No way I am buying them right now they are on the bubble
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NutintheHut NutintheHut · October 29, 2020
Already 30M volume above average and the the stock is only at $8. Massive shorting going on today. Ive never seen anything like this. I think Ford really caught people off guard
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jeff jeff · October 29, 2020
Patience will prevail. Been in the auto industry my entire life & although most my investment $ is in Nio I did make a sizable investment in Ford. Will be a 10 dollar stock in by end of year !The reward of earnings will follow next week!Good luck investors!!!😁🤑
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Zzyzx Road Zzyzx Road · October 29, 2020
Glad I bought a bunch of shares at $4.05 back in March!
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Bubbas Bubbas · October 29, 2020
Fords profit margin was around 6% this quarter and they are shooting for 12%. That means a 5 billion quarterly net is not out of the question next year or in 2022 especially if revenues go up which they should significantly.
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Teejay Teejay · October 29, 2020
Ford is said to unveil its all-electric transit cargo van next month. Meanwhile, these other companies were said to thrive for its proprietary products could possibly carry a multi-billion-dollar potential. Check the disclaimer on the landing page. http://psce.pw/GreenRushMassivePotentialTakeOver
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ABCDEFG ABCDEFG · October 29, 2020
I saw new F-150s all around, and there is a sudden sense of pride in things American made. I expect the trend to continue.
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Oscar Oscar · October 29, 2020
Don't be full way the volatility right now in the market this doc gave out good numbers it should do much better on the way up once we know who the president is next week.
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Bubbas Bubbas · October 29, 2020
In one quarter Ford just made 5 times the net that Tesla makes in a year. Think about that. And we are not even close to what’s coming next year.
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J J · October 29, 2020
Market investors not kind to Ford. Likely sell on news in effect here.Would like to see this hold $8 but i called this earlier. Its all up to market conditions. IMO, this is a buying opportunity and we will see $10 this year.
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tetaja5018 tetaja5018 · October 29, 2020
Ford Motor Company said that they could unveil their next battery-electric vehicle, a delivery van in November.Meanwhile, these other companies could bring e-commerce industry on top market. See This, Read disclaimer in page: http://psce.pw/MustSeeTechNow
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Da Kid Da Kid · October 29, 2020
This stock price should be a lot higher...Still too much negative sentiment from the pandemic. Long term this is a healthy company that will skyrocket one day.
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J J · October 29, 2020
I blame the price all on market conditions. Last week we hit 8.30 on optimism about earnings. We dropped to 7.70 on market sentiment, nothing to do with Ford. Now we have blowout earnings, and we struggle to hit $8.00 again. go figure. With these financial results, we should be trading $8.50+...Lets see what the day brings us and if the markets drop again, ford will struggle to hold 7.70 again. Once again , the price is not indicative of Ford, its the market!
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