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Milan Milan · January 19, 2021
I am a new Ford investor. Bought it based on a gut feeling, that it could hopefully start moving up. Maybe i'm wrong, let's see. But I watched a video yesterday with the new CEO of Ford, Jim Farley - and I feel pretty positive listening to him. A humble man and focusing on EV and SW mainly. Way to go!
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wesley wesley · January 19, 2021
instead of AI, F should focus on the flying car. makes about as much sense. or how about the lighted golf ball? don't forget the "opera window". what a break thru! while the germans were perfecting fuel injection, detroit was working on the opera window. and let's not forget the cheap, non-reinforced snow white nylon molded parts that F uses. ultraviolet light turns it into brittle dust. engineered obsolescence; aka value engineering.
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FinCaND FinCaND · January 18, 2021
Ford EV car looking good! $NIO was $1 per share 1 year ago!! $TSLA going over $1,000 TRIPLE DIGIT UPSIDE, note the video presentation viewed by 60,000 viewers so far: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxEFekPUuqU&feature=youtu.be$twtr do the right thing and KEEP AMERICA GREAT!
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wewewe wewewe · January 18, 2021
Sponsored postFord is said to have estimated that new-vehicle registrations in its 20 core European markets were approximately 7.2% in the fourth quarter. Check disclaimer in the landing page. Moreover, these other companies could possibly surge in the EVs market this year through the new programs of other countries to have battery-powered vehicles. Up for more good news? Check it here https://b.link/PotentialCobaltMarketBonanza
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Bryce Bryce · January 18, 2021
"The Ford Mustang Mach-E was named SUV of the year in the latest signal the new crossover will give Tesla a run for its money"Tesla made the electric car cool, Ford will make it mainstream, affordable.
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MYEONG MYEONG · January 18, 2021
I am a huge Korean fan of Ford. I bought my first car, Explorer 6th Generation in 2019. Since then, I have bought Ford stocks every month from my monthly salary because I think Ford is a wonderful car company. as well as Lincoln :-)
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Me Me · January 18, 2021
as someone who inspects vehicles for the last 5 years I have seen quite a few different makes and models. i currently own a 2014 explorer and have previously owned an f150. One thing that has remained consistent is that ford vehicles have less corners cut then other vehicles....barring luxury models such as mercedes or bmw. take the spare tire for instance, ford on the F series actually puts the same tire as a spare be it a pirelli or goodyear as the rest of the tires.....their competition puts a horrible maxxis type spare that has no tread. if your hauling and get a flat its useless. dont get ne wrong ford has its issues with quality control and design flaws but they consistently put out a product that is useable and reliable. I am not saying other brands are not but ford puts out a better product then GM their biggest competitor and gm is copying their moves IE the " corvette ev crossover idea" right now ford is?undervalued compared to the competition and its all optics. Take a good hard look at the autonomous driving of the competition they use cameras and put products out quickly which are prone to error and do not work as advertised. Ford has yet to release a product and uses lidar which is much more effective then cameras alone but are holding it untill it is fully tested and ready.
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Bryce Bryce · January 18, 2021
Market down Ford up. Earnings will drive the price up with help of analyst upgrades and $12. price prediction goal. GLTA!
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Larry Larry · January 17, 2021
I think the Dividend will be .30 cent's per share and the stock will be $12 to $14.00 per share really soon on bringing the dividend back starting in February. Stock will run up before that.
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Pickles Pickles · January 17, 2021
Did you ever hear about (http://Pick-stocks.com)? They just covered F this AM
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MYEONG MYEONG · January 17, 2021
I love FordMustang Mach eExplorerBroncoExpeditionNautilus Corsair AviatorNavigatorContinental all are wonderful vehicle.
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C C · January 17, 2021
Another botched vehicle launch:Deliveries of the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E will be delayed for hundreds of customers in North America for additional quality review, work that will be completed in the U.S., the company confirmed to the Free Press on Saturday."As part of our commitment to delivering high-quality vehicles, we are conducting additional quality checks on several hundred Mustang Mach-E models built before dealer shipments started last month. We want to ensure they meet the quality our customers expect and deserve," said Ford spokeswoman Emma Bergg."We notified affected customers (several hundred in US and Canada) that they may receive their Mustang Mach-Es on different timing than previously discussed," she said. "The team is working to expedite these vehicles, and we hope that customers receive them ahead of targeted dates, providing there are no COVID-19-related transportation delays."The vehicle is assembled in Mexico and available through pre-order only, not sold off dealer lots. A few Mach-E SUVs had been delivered as scheduled in late December, Bergg said.
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J.R. Jackson J.R. Jackson · January 17, 2021
Ford Mustang Mach E !
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bud bud · January 15, 2021
CD , I Agree , With , $30 B. Dollar's In Cash And Growing , Why Are You Waiting , Take At Lease , $10B. Dollars , And Do A Stock Buyback Program , Now ; Ford Stock Price Should Be $30.00 A Share If Not Higher ; Maybe No One Care's , GLTA ,
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Ross Ross · January 15, 2021
EV less than 1% of the market and that's with a $ 7500 tax credit. The only that makes sense is Fuel cell manufacturing is similar to batteries, all the auto companies know Hydrogen is the future.
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GM_30_newEVsby_2025_ GM_30_newEVsby_2025_ · January 15, 2021
$gm all about the max pain for option holders today. Monday will be better
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Crossfire Crossfire · January 15, 2021
EV is really practical for delivery vehicles in big metros. No pollution, plug in at night. Apt and condo people have a recharge problem. Gas vehicles will be here a long time.
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Zoraya Zoraya · January 15, 2021
Number 2 on the S & P 500 most active list; more than the other 498 stox in the index. A lot of selling; down a whole 24 cents on a bad day; BUT that means a lot of buyers picking up the shares cheaper. For every seller, there must be a buyer. To be on the most active list every day means institutions are involved. Volume precedes price. Let's see if they are loading up or distributing the stock; what do you think?
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mark mark · January 15, 2021
Sold in ahr's yesterday at 10.20,bought back today at 9.84
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Zoraya Zoraya · January 15, 2021
Numero Uno on the S&P 500 most active list today; big money! Still needs to break that long term trend line; another buck and some volume and it's buy-buy baby!
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