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Jack Jack · October 30, 2020
Fantastic quarterly results and a bunch of analyst stock price upgrades this morning. This will end green today, I’m certain of it
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buddystock buddystock · October 30, 2020
How did you guys learn how to trade? I am considering joining an online training group because I have seen so many success stories. Thoughts on this one? They also have a 7-day trial so Come join us
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foulks foulks · October 30, 2020
amazon reported a profit of $12.37 per share, beating forecasts for $7.41, on sales of $96.1 billion, topping estimates for $92.8 billion. Amazon said fourth-quarter revenue would come in between $112 billion and $121 billion, while analysts had been expecting $112.32 billion. Amazon stock is off 1.4% at $3165. Why is the stock dropping?
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let's make money!! let's make money!! · October 30, 2020
come on bought AMZN at $3398!!!!!!! 100 shares...with home eq loan!!!what am i going to do???????
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David David · October 30, 2020
I'm buying AMZN at the opening. Almost 50% growth in 1 year? This is a potential correction to 4500 at least. ..loading in pre market
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Friends of Pudgy Muffin Friends of Pudgy Muffin · October 30, 2020
Amazon shares need to reprice higher There are huge bets that I have seen over $5,000 per share A 37% revenue increase is no joke Is huge
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FB-17 FB-17 · October 30, 2020
I am long on AMZN. I do not care about the price fluctuations.
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cemil cemil · October 30, 2020
impossible to understand why it drops. it didn't even jumped today before the earnings. Interesting
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Brian Brian · October 30, 2020
All I know is I see the trucks every single day, everywhere; and I see Amazon all over my credit card bills now too. This continues to rise, especially after Trump wins!
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Liaquat Liaquat · October 30, 2020
Only weak AMZN stock holders are selling!
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Suryoday Suryoday · October 30, 2020
With $45 eps for 2020, Amzn pe is at 71. With the earnings growing rapidly, 2021 eps $80 and Pe of 70, the price estimate comes to $5600.All my investm nr sense tells me Amazon deserves to be at $3600 today!
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Ovidijus Ovidijus · October 30, 2020
Amazon Q3 20 Earnings Results:- EPS: $12.37 (Estimate: $7.55)- Revenue: $96.1B (Estimate: $92.71B)
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Dominik Dominik · October 30, 2020
Im not a shareholder but a postal carrier and Ive delivered more Amazon parcels to first time Prime members than ever before over this last summer. It's only going to get crazier the closer we get to Xmas. Ill probably pick up a couple shares tomorrow. My OT is paying for it. 10 hour days.
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Gerry Gerry · October 30, 2020
When I first bought amzn it was before earnings at $1762. Earnings crushed but the share price after initially going up fell to $1600. I never sold and I ain't now; not after these earnings.
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paola paola · October 29, 2020
target price will be revised upwards Friday or next week
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Nicholas Nicholas · October 29, 2020
With Apple down more than five percent after earnings, expect the volatile selloff to resume on Friday. Good luck to all and be disciplined when entering and exiting positions.$spy$^dji $^gspc $^ixic $qqq $amzn $fb $pins $snap $nflx $intc $sbux $msft $f $c $cvs $ibm $amd
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Skyler Skyler · October 29, 2020
Amazing earnings! Nice job amazon rocks!
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Gino Gino · October 29, 2020
Amazon reported blowout third-quarter results on Thursday, including a big beat on the top line and 37% revenue growth year over year. The stock climbed 1.5% after hours.Earnings: $12.37 vs $7.41 per share expected, according to analysts surveyed by RefinitivRevenue: $96.15 billion vs $92.7 billion expected, according to analysts surveyed by RefinitivAmazon said sales in the fourth quarter will be between $112 and $121 billion, which comes out to growth of 28% to 38% from a year earlier. Analysts were expecting revenue of $112.3 billion.The company continues to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the pandemic, as consumers flocked to the site for essential goods, groceries and household items. Amazon is expected to face even greater demand heading into the holiday season with shoppers expected to do the bulk of their gift buying online instead of making trips to the store.“We’re seeing more customers than ever shopping early for their holiday gifts, which is just one of the signs that this is going to be an unprecedented holiday season,” Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said in a statement.The company forecast operating income of $1 billion to $4.5 billion, assuming about $4.0 billion of costs tied to COVID-19. That’s a step up from the second quarter, when Amazon said it would spend more than $2 billion on coronavirus-related measures, including procuring personal protective equipment, enhanced cleaning of its facilities and wage increases.Amazon’s cloud-computing unit, Amazon Web Services, generated sales of $11.6 billion for the quarter, up 29% year over year and in line with analysts’ estimates, according to FactSet. Operating income in the segment of $3.54 billion topped estimates of $3.45 billion. The segment was helped by millions of people working from home.
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jimmy jimmy · October 29, 2020
Google up 100 points AH now. Amzn best street estimate big time and shares price drop. Why??? Why? Please tell me some one made a huge mistake and it supposed to go up 100 points. Otherwise, please educate me why it’s down. Rise of COVID cases can only benefit Amzn. The next quarter will be huge too. Billions of dollars were made.
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Brian Brian · October 29, 2020
Snowflakes at CNBC want this economy to tank so badly for election day. Thats why they can't say good things about AMZN right now. Meanwhile, GDP yuge.
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