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Dave Dave · January 19, 2021
Hyundai and Kia are exploding in Korea today. Something is definitely up with #aapl.
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Elite Investor Elite Investor · January 19, 2021
After spending an entire week going back and reviewing about 25 years of Apple's financial statements from the 1990s through 2020, all I can say is WOW. Never ever bet against it underestimate Apple. Apple is the home of iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Airpods...and the soon to be announced Apple Glasses and Car.... all those under one roof... And so many other products that have become significant in American culture. Without a doubt, own it don't trade it.
Upvote: 7 · Downvote: 1 · Replies: 1
Yam Yam · January 19, 2021
Apple going to be 150$ day after earnings. Just wait and watch.
Upvote: 5 · Downvote: 1 · Replies: 0
B B · January 19, 2021
Check out those futures $$$$ Apple 🍏 will fly into earnings
Upvote: 5 · Downvote: 1 · Replies: 0
Paulding Light Paulding Light · January 19, 2021
Apple will continue to climb in price. It could very well be $200 by year's end.
Upvote: 12 · Downvote: 7 · Replies: 3
jack jack · January 19, 2021
Unless there is total upheaval on Wednesday which I do doubt AAPL will do just fine. Conservatively AAPL should close January $133-135. And have a stellar February.
Upvote: 8 · Downvote: 2 · Replies: 0
Clancy Clancy · January 19, 2021
Future is green across the board. Bloomberg reports. Future is bright for investors and economy.
Upvote: 13 · Downvote: 1 · Replies: 2
$400 coming soon. All the glowing reports I read about the market this weekend specially the technology sector reinforces that
Upvote: 9 · Downvote: 22 · Replies: 0
Jason Jason · January 18, 2021
Can you imagine back in 1980 when apple stock went public at 22.00, putting 50,000.00 into the stock and keeping it there for 41 years? I could not even dream of what that would be worth today. A few million i would think.
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anyasto anyasto · January 18, 2021
Sponsored post:It was said that Apple Inc has started working on a new iPhone model with a foldable screen. Check disclaimer on the landing page. Meanwhile, these other companies' products appear to be part of the key elements needed to make the EV power source. Amazing how certain things could change our ways! Always give it a try. Looking for something interesting? Here it is! https://prem.li/PromisingElectricVehiclesMarket
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Shane Shane · January 18, 2021
Short squeeze this week boys!! $135 by next week. Patience pays off, now it's our turn. So many people have shorted shares like @SonnyBlack. Once this thing starts to go up this week, it will go even higher once they have to start selling off. New all time highs!!
Upvote: 2 · Downvote: 1 · Replies: 2
carol carol · January 18, 2021
The problem is that our politicians spend all their energy trying to see that the other party fails instead of concentrating on how to make sure American is successful.
Upvote: 13 · Downvote: 3 · Replies: 1
Regina Regina · January 18, 2021
New stimulus package fails to provide confidence and virus mutation imposing travel bans around the world. I personally have a hard time being bullish in this kind of overall mood.
Upvote: 5 · Downvote: 2 · Replies: 5
Da Vinci Da Vinci · January 18, 2021
"Everyone wets their beak!"The investors waited patiently this past month while traders traded.Now, it is time for the investors.It is only fair.Have a great week.
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Khun JT Khun JT · January 18, 2021
Last thing I heard Apple management & BOD worked for the stockholders. Yet Tim Cook is quite free with our money for his political causes. $100,000,000 is Apples latest give-a-way & it comes out of our pockets. Sure Apple makes a lot of money and management already rewards themselves with hundreds of millions in stock bonuses. Yet they feel the company should donate to Tim Cook's political causes rather than have him donate his own money. Tim does an excellent job but he should EITHER get his bonus or use HIS bonus to donate to liberal causes IMO.
Upvote: 111 · Downvote: 18 · Replies: 25
james james · January 18, 2021
From the UK is there some holiday today?
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al al · January 18, 2021
For next week stocktwits Apple’s sentiment index is up 2.19%. Also stimulus on its way. Inauguration brings stability. Both houses will vote on bills . Both houses are evenly divided and markets like that. Quarterly results will be outstanding
Upvote: 12 · Downvote: 2 · Replies: 0
louie louie · January 18, 2021
Samsung news will benefit AAPL and push the stock back to ATH before ER
Upvote: 4 · Downvote: 1 · Replies: 4
Ankur Ankur · January 18, 2021
Apple may touch 135 and go beyond by earnings, it’s not unrealistic, apple went beyond 135 and fell back without any bad news about apple. Earnings are going to be great with immense 2021 projections. They got brilliant additions like MagSafe accessories, apple fitness services, apple chip and on and on.. I suggest buy the dip, this stock is not going to ditch you.
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jack jack · January 18, 2021
Just muted more political opinions. Hello, anyone interested in AAPL news?
Upvote: 7 · Downvote: 5 · Replies: 4
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