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Dominy Dominy · October 30, 2020
If you’re looking for a watchlist covering the great stock setups every day before the open, I recommend https://www.daytradewatchlist.com/DayTradingAlert They send daily set ups and its free. It’s a great way to pick out potential trades for the day.
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FinanceFriend FinanceFriend · October 30, 2020
You can check out True Trading Group where the head trader who is also a former award winning hedge fund trader shares out the exact trading curriculum which he received enabling him beat the stock trading odds. They also have a 7-day trial https://daytradingsquad.team/fdqz9
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iPad Rulez the 'net iPad Rulez the 'net · October 30, 2020
Today's results only proves that Apple is still considered The iPhone Company by the big investors. It's understandable as that's where most of Apple's revenue comes from. It's going to be very difficult for Apple to top the iPhone, so we're stuck with that name forever. Anyway, don't let that financial quarter get you down. The next be quarter should be very good, providing the pandemic doesn't ruin it. I suppose all if you who thought Apple would be sitting at $120 or $125 must be disappointed. Never let your emotions blind you to reality because things don't always turn out as we hope, especially with the stock market being as unpredictable as it is. There are no guarantees, so always be prepared for share price declines in the short-term. At least the long-term still looks favorable for Apple.😄👍🙏🙏
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Nicolai Nicolai · October 30, 2020
the majority of the 30 components traded higher with Dow (DOW) and Chevron (CVX) among top gainers. Apple stock led the index with a gain of nearly 5%. The Dow giant is attempting to reclaim its 50-day line after slipping below this level last week. Shares are currently shaping a cup with handle with a 125.49 buy point. as the company said it spent more on infrastructure-related expenses. I can't help but give some credit to this platform though that helped me find ideal spots to buy and sell https://investena.today/recommends/the-next-monday-movers/
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Niall Niall · October 30, 2020
I have held Apple stock since 1998. This is one of the few times that there has been true uncertainty about Apple’s profits, and they exceeded expectations again, but the stock drops after hours due to sales expectations over sales in China. Makes no sense. Apple will see gains tomorrow. They also have a great opportunity to push ahead aggressively into Google’s search engine sphere.
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Chris Chris · October 30, 2020
Why is the street obsessed with the Iphone sales numbers? Look how well the company is growing outside of Iphones. I would not care if the revenue is coming from selling napkins, this is a cash machine. Stay long.
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T T · October 30, 2020
VERY GOOD BREAKING NEWS for AAPL today ! Read it and better hold for long ....as it could go UP even tomorrow due to today 's damp cheap price to grasp !https://www.cnbc.com/2020/10/29/apples-weak-iphone-sales-show-people-were-waiting-for-the-new-models-.html
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Mark Mark · October 30, 2020
AAPL beat top and bottom without the 5G iPhone 12... Next earnings are gonna to be a blowout! BUY! 📱
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B B · October 30, 2020
The new iPhones aren’t even in this quarter earnings. 4th and 1st quarters will rock. New phone was delayed. Holding for 3-5 years anyways
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GraveinColombiaorjailinUs GraveinColombiaorjailinUs · October 30, 2020
Don’t sell . Add tomorrow or early next week . 180-200 end of 2022 regardless who is president. Look for 35pe @ 5.50$ = 192$
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jack jack · October 30, 2020
Keep in mind after hours shares trading are very low numbers both sell/buy. AAPL tomorrow should rebound. Most probably to the 116-118range.
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Bill Bill · October 30, 2020
Apple made 12.4 billion last quarter without the iPhone 12.
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T T · October 30, 2020
It's great...great...and real great time to buy very cheap AAPL these days for a huge profits even next weeks...as iphone outcome just started a week ago this month, expecting a big sales during this holiday season moving forwards....so could ending with huge TOP and BOTTOM line beating estimate in next e/r in 2021..... just loaded more shares today in great bargain of AAPL....
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Gino Gino · October 30, 2020
The drop was likely because iPhone revenue came in at $26.4 billion, which was 20% lower than the same quarter last year.Apple sales in China also suffered, mainly because of weak iPhone sales, Apple said. Revenue from China dropped to $7.95 billion from $11.13 billion a year before, a 29% decrease.But the iPhone sales situation isn’t as bad as it looks. This year, Apple’s new iPhones went on sale about a month later than before, as Apple telegraphed over the summer.So the iPhone weakness may be partly because people were waiting for the new iPhone 12, which didn’t go on sale until October. In fact, both Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO Luca Maestri said that iPhone customer demand was strong and grew until mid-September — when Apple typically releases new iPhones.“This is a very impressive level of performance when we consider that this year we did not launch and ship any new iPhone models during the quarter,” Apple CFO Luca Maestri said about Apple’s fiscal fourth-quarter, which ended in September.Apple presented several supporting points on Thursday:Demand was higher than last year during the first part of the quarter. Through mid-September, when Apple held a launch event with new Apple Watches but no new iPhones, demand for iPhone 11 models “grew double digits and was well above our expectations,” said Maestri.Cook went into more detail: “If you look at iPhone and you look at it in two parts, one pre-mid-September which is pre- the point at which the previous year we would have launched iPhone, that period of time which is the bulk of the quarter, iPhone was growing from a customer demand point of view and of course the not shipping new iPhones for the last two weeks of September makes that number in the aggregate a negative,” Cook said.Growth expected in the holiday quarter. Apple expects iPhone revenue to grow in the December quarter — despite the fact that the new iPhone 12 models were launched 4 weeks into the quarter and two new iPhone models haven’t gone on sale yet. Last year Apple reported $55.96 billion in iPhone sales in the period.China also expected to grow. “Greater China is a region that was most heavily impacted by the absence of the new iPhones during the September quarter. Still, we beat our internal expectations in the region, and iPhone customer demand grew through mid-September,” Cook said.Cook then said that he expects China revenue to grow in the December quarter.“A larger percentage of China revenue is made up of new iPhones. And so that’s the reason the number for the total quarter started with a minus sign. But given what we see in the early going with the new iPhones, we’re confident we’ll grow in Q1,” Cook told CNBC’s Josh Lipton in an interview.Supply constraints. Apple says that it is “supply constrained” for iPhones, which means that they are selling faster than Apple can make them.
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GOAT Investor GOAT Investor · October 30, 2020
Strong Iphone 12 demand with 5G growth, it's sold out everywhere. Q4 and 2021 will be huge growth for Apple.
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george george · October 29, 2020
Don't think that the after hours selling is warranted. iPhone sales were light as everyone was waiting for iphone12. Not selling long Apple. As I write here with my brand new iPad and pencil.
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Debra Debra · October 29, 2020
Awesome buying opportunity Stock will be 150 next year
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RandomCapital RandomCapital · October 29, 2020
Very bullish outlook on strong beat of earnings, 5g iphones will push Apple to $150+ by 2021.
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kevin kevin · October 29, 2020
Doesn't matter to me, been holding for a decade. Not going to sell and take the tax hit. I will buy a little on the dips and stay long.It's a winner long term.
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Jeremy Jeremy · October 29, 2020
apple beat earnings with just airpods and macs... iphone 12's not included in the earnings
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