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Niu Technologies ADR Stock (NIU) Option Chain

The Niu Technologies ADR (NIU) option chain consists of 40 contracts with 40 call options and 0 put options, which all expire on December 15, 2023. Some other option chains:
  • For January 19, 2024 options, there are 14 contracts.
  • For March 15, 2024 options, there are 11 contracts.
  • For June 21, 2024 options, there are 0 contracts.
NIU option chain shows a higher number of calls than puts indicating that there are more bets placed on price increases, which may also suggest bullish expectations for the stock.

The table below displays Niu Technologies ADR option chain data such as: call and put options, including strike price, last price, price change and volume. This table can help you navigate decisions on option chains but for optimal results shareholders should check the stock’s technical analysis and overall market sentiment.

NIU Call Options Expiring December 15, 2023

Strike Price Change % Change Volume
favorite 2.50 0.04 -0.01 -20.00% 40
favorite 5.00 0.05 0.00 - -
favorite 7.50 0.00 0.00 - -

NIU Put Options Expiring December 15, 2023

Strike Price Change % Change Volume
0.13 0.00 - -
0.00 0.00 - -
0.00 0.00 - -

Niu Technologies ADR Stock (NIU) Option Chain Analysis

Put Volume Total 0
Call Volume Total 40
Put/Call Ratio (PCR) 0.00
Put Strike With Highest Volume $2.50
Call Strike With Highest Volume $2.50
From reviewing NIU put and call options expire on December 15, 2023, we can calculate put/call ratio (PCR) of 0.00. This ratio can be called as a rising PCR as it might indicate a bullish sentiment for this stock, if it continues to increase, it could further confirm a more positive outlook. This indicator can be helpful tool for analysing a specific option chain since reading excessive amount of data can be time consuming. Therefore, besides assessing other crucial indicators, consider tracking PCR of your options chain to gain diverse insights that help you make better decisions.

Looking at NIU call and put strikes, we can clearly observe traders’ highest attention for call strike of $2.50 and put strike of $2.50. Since those are two call and put strikes with highest volume it can be interpret as a sign of willingness to trade call and put options at specific prices mentioned above.

Niu Technologies ADR Stock (NIU) Option Chain FAQ

What is Niu Technologies ADR (NIU) Option chain?

Niu Technologies ADR (NIU) option chain is a list of all option contracts, which includes call and put options for NIU. With an option contract, investors can buy or sell a stock at a predetermined price and date, which are called strike price and expiration date respectively. NIU option chains include different components, each gives investors more information on a specific option contract, such as: strike price, last price, volume, change and open interest.

How do I trade NIU Option chain?

To trade NIU Option chain, follow these steps:
  • Step 1: Choose a broker, which means an option trading platform. Make sure you conduct research on brokers’ reputation and services carefully. Some famous brokers for trading NIU option chain are Tastytrade and FlowBank.
  • Step 2: Open a trading account. To be approved to trade options, each broker can have different requirements. It is essential to consider brokers’ terms and conditions before opening a broker account.
  • Step 3: Research NIU options and make a decision. This step requires the most attention and effort. Investors need to do thorough research on the most potential strike prices. Reading into different NIU option strategies can also give investors diverse perspectives on what future stock market can hold.

How do I read NIU Option chain?

For reading NIU Option chain, there are several components that are critical and need to be understood:
  • Call and put options: investors' rights to buy (call option) and sell (put option) an underlying asset, which in this case is Niu Technologies ADR Stock (NIU).
  • Strike price: the predetermined price, sometimes referred to as the exercise price at which NIU stock can be purchased or sold by the contract holder.
  • Last price: the most recent transaction price at which the NIU option contract was bought or sold.
  • Volume: the total number of NIU option contracts traded within a certain time period.
  • Open interest: the NIU contracts that are still in effect and haven't been closed out, exercised, or expired. NIU open interest can be used as a gauge for overall NIU option chain trading activities and liquidity.

Is NIU Option chain a good investment?

NIU option chain can be a good investment since it gives investors the right to purchase or sell NIU stock at different price levels. The most recent and potential NIU option contract expires on December 15, 2023 with 40 contracts. However before deciding on which NIU option contract is the most suitable, you should also look into market analysis and technical indicators. Besides, it is always helpful to compare NIU option chain to other stock option chains in order to choose the best option contract.
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