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CherryCoke CherryCoke · October 21, 2020
it's a slow gain right now but the gold crash will happen in about 3 weeks, right after election, November gonna be a great month to own dust.
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FogJuice FogJuice · October 15, 2020
$18.00 a share let's go!
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Dan&AmyRfakes Dan&AmyRfakes · October 07, 2020
yes you have found the real gold mine here, congrats.
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TonyBaloney TonyBaloney · October 06, 2020
Believe it or not this is a good thing for Gold, it's given people an entry point and we know stimulus is imminent with the Democrats who with Trumps performance these past two weeks are pretty much taking the White House. Stimulus will be the first thing they do, so it's no longer an if or when. After the election the dollar is getting diluted even more with additional stimulus.This is a good entry point for people willing to hold gold until the election, and there's a BIG chance (i'd say over 50%) that when Trump realizes how bad this has hurt him he does an about face, Just like how a week earlier he tweeted America wants and needs stimulus, get it done.Congrats on your gains, there are more to be had though in the near future by going bull on gold while prices are low.
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Stephen Stephen · October 02, 2020
I thought DUST was supposed to make dividend payments on Sept. 29th, no? This is my first time holding shares of an ETF at quarter end. I saw Yield Dates was Sept. 22nd with the 29th being pay date, but haven't received anything. Anyone with information on this? Thanks in advance.
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Brandon Brandon · September 15, 2020
Still wondering if DUST and jdst are my best options to maximize gains, I think it’s going to go back up in the next month but after that until feb. or later I think a large decrease... $1800/ounce or less(hopefully)... anyone¿
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charles charles · September 13, 2020
Gold miners 09/13/2020: Medium-term negative technical momentum is decelerating as the MACD histogram is printing in the red with a rising trajectory which points to positive upward consolidation. Short-term momentum has turned very positive as the fast stochastic generated a crossover buy signal. The relative strength index is moving sideways to higher which is a sign of accelerating positive momentum.The gap between the EU and UK are widening. Reports say that two of the UK government’s most senior legal advisors quit over professed plans to remove portions of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement. More specifically, the UK plans to revoke its agreement to keep Northern Ireland aligned with EU customs rules. This is generating volatility in the UK markets and helping to buoy gold prices.The first factor making the mining sector attractive in Quarter 3 is low costs compared to rising prices. Duly noted that mining production costs have been relatively stable between 2013 and 2019. (Eldorado Gold AISCs are $850-$950/Oz)Management teams look increasingly focused on turning higher gold prices into free cash flow that can be returned to shareholders via dividends or reinvested in high-return projects."The second factor to drive value for investors is increased merger and acquisition activity in the mining sector. Land said that with more cash on hand, mining companies will look to expand their production and market capitalization, which would make them more attractive to larger investment funds.Franklin Templeton Investments $EGO $GDXJ $DUST $JNUG
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Amanda Amanda · September 10, 2020
Should I buy some right now?
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Hi Hi · September 02, 2020
I mean, I realize that its based on miners stock performance, but how on earth is DUST down when gold is down by almost 30 dollars?
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Papito Papito · August 31, 2020
What are the chances it hits that top of the 52 week range again?
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Brandon Brandon · August 31, 2020
I made a few bucks off this last week but am worried I don't fully understand the charts/everything. if I'm predicting gold will (eventually, like Jan Feb.) be back down to $1700-1800 max. I should buy this and hold until then? this would be the best way to profit without missing the boat by buying something else too late or early?
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john john · August 28, 2020
The symbol of DUST is the meaning of it’s valued.
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merrie merrie · August 26, 2020
Just found out that DUST got alerted by (http://sharelabs.xyz). Seems bullish
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Hi Hi · August 26, 2020
Wow.. gold down 73 bucks DUST up 7%, gold up 20 bucks DUST down 5%. Its funny #$%$
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tyler tyler · August 19, 2020
DUST likely to hit tomorrow??
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Big Big · August 17, 2020
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Marko Marko · August 14, 2020
$BBRW is under 1 penny and will run just like $GAXY. CEO Confirms to buyback $1,5000,000 shares starting on September 1st and they are in prelim talks with Anheuser-Busch.$NOVN $SLRX $GNUS $DUST $SNAP $LUV $TWTR $BIOC $VAL $HX $MCOA $BEKE $OXY $FCX $GOVX $SCON
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Dowdey Dowdey · August 11, 2020
(http://bestpix.xyz) just alerted me to an awesome runner before the bell.
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GrandMasterBS GrandMasterBS · August 11, 2020
Grand Salami
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Yahoo Finance Insights Yahoo Finance Insights · August 11, 2020
DUST is up 10.03% to 19.41
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