A-Mark Precious Metals Inc (AMRK) Stock Split History

A-Mark Precious Metals Inc has split its stock once since its initial public offering (IPO). The stock split of A-Mark Precious Metals Inc occurred on June 07, 2022 on a 2-for-1 basis, meaning that for 1 share of AMRK owned pre-split, shareholders then owned 2 shares.

This action has increased the stock's liquidity and made it more appealing to a larger group of investors. However, it's important to remember that a stock split only changes the number of shares and the price per share with no impact on A-Mark Precious Metals Inc's total market capitalization.

AMRK stock split list

Date Split Ratio
2022-06-07 2 - for - 1

Will A-Mark Precious Metals Inc Stock Split in 2024?

The answer will depend on the decisions of the company's managers and market volatility. A-Mark Precious Metals Inc has not made an official announcement regarding whether it will enact a stock split or reverse stock split, but it has a history of doing so when AMRK stock prices become too high or too low for retail investors. Therefore, the ultimate decisions will certainly be made by A-Mark Precious Metals Inc's board of directors. Typically, no action is taken until its price per share reaches a specific threshold.

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