Upcoming IPO
SHEIN is newly listed on NASDAQ effective Jun. 15, 2024
Data will be shown when the stock start trading in Jun. 15

SHEIN Group Stock (SHEIN) Price History

The historical daily chart and data for SHEIN Group stock (SHEIN), show that the latest closing stock price as of , is $0.00.
The table below shows more information about SHEIN historical price data:
Date High Low High - Low Volume % Change

SHEIN Group Stock (SHEIN) Year by Year Price History

In this detailed analysis, we present a comprehensive overview of the price movements of SHEIN Group stock over the years. By exploring the year-by-year data, investors can gain valuable insights into the historical performance and volatility of SHEIN shares. From significant milestones and fluctuations to notable trends, this in-depth examination of SHEIN Group stock price history provides a foundation for understanding how the company's stock has evolved over time.
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price up icon 2.07%
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price up icon 2.75%
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price up icon 4.24%
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