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Stock (PFO) Price History

The historical daily chart and data for stock (PFO), show that the latest closing stock price as of June 21, 2024, is $8.40.
The table below shows more information about PFO historical price data:
Date High Low High - Low Volume % Change

Stock (PFO) Year by Year Price History

In this detailed analysis, we present a comprehensive overview of the price movements of stock over the years. By exploring the year-by-year data, investors can gain valuable insights into the historical performance and volatility of PFO shares. From significant milestones and fluctuations to notable trends, this in-depth examination of stock price history provides a foundation for understanding how the company's stock has evolved over time.

Stock (PFO) Price History 2024

Month High Low High - Low Volume % Change
Jun, 2024 $8.42 $8.31 $0.11 16,928.0 +0.00%
price down icon 1.88%
price down icon 1.82%
price down icon 8.39%
price down icon 0.02%
price down icon 0.77%
price up icon 5.62%
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