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Stock Paper Trading Simulator

Join over 100,000 individual investors who use Stock Paper Trading Simulator to practice trading. It’s completelyFREEto join and use.

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Practice with virtual money!
It’s 100% risk-free! No deposit needed. You can create your account without providing any billing information.
Realistic Experience
Stock list and stock's slippage are simulated exactly like in real exchange to make the most effective practice tool ever!
Live Stock Market
Updating 24/7 using price data of every stock from the biggest exchanges.

Stock Paper Trading Simulator

In an endeavor to constantly improve its products and bring users the best trading experience, Stockscan is launching Stock Paper Trading, a cutting-edge virtual trading platform to provide a place where the trading risk does not exist.
Stock Paper Trading Simulator is an easy-to-use simulated trading platform that provides real-time data of more than 10,000 stocks in the market, along with advanced features like portfolio management and historical data to bring users a trading experience as real as possible.
“Everyone can make mistake in this unsustainable market, the BEST way to prepare for any situation is practice with paper trading.”
Tim Lane
Founder, Stockscan
Starting with $10,000 virtual money available, users will experience full trading features to practice trading cryptos under simulated conditions without risking a cent.
Stock Paper Trading Simulator is an ideal place for both new investors and seasoned traders, offering them a first glance at the market and a sense of confidence. Trading in a simulated environment allows them to test different trading strategies and make mistakes without risk; thereby, they can learn from their mistakes and develop their own suitable strategies to start trading in the real market with confidence.
“At Stockscan, they ship truly BRILLIANT products! Stock Paper Trading Simulator is SUPER EASY to use and it helps you explore Stock Market in the most exciting way!”
Julian Bright
Professional Investor
Why choose Stock Paper Trading by Stockscan? With its user-friendly interface, Stock Paper Trading is a completely free platform to trade under simulated conditions while giving users access to thousands of stocks on the market. Most importantly, what makes the platform a cut above the rest is the trading courses that come along with the app. Whether you’re new to stock trading and need to learn the basics or you’re an experienced hedge fund manager who wants to learn the latest, you’ll find a course that will help you make the most strategic trading decisions.
“Stock Paper Trading Simulator can provide real-world examples of explaining concepts and trading strategies.”
Brad G.
Investor, Premium User.

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Stock Paper Trading Simulator provides a educational and real-time environment for both newbie and experienced traders.

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